Nancy Pelosi really isn’t looking too hot.

At tonight’s State of the Union, Pelosi remained seated during most of the night and appeared to be mumbling to herself while her eyes seem to dart back and forth nervously.

Watch the video:

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And Benny from The Daily Caller isn’t the only one who sees it!

Perhaps it was Trump’s savage move of denying her a handshake that left her speechless.

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Yowza. Nothing worse than being left hanging on national television.

Well, regardless, something isn’t right with Pelosi and Twitter users had a few ideas on what the problem might be.

“Her Depends are full…”

“She’s had her a$$ handed to her this week, so there’s that.”

“Dentures are probably loose. Or she’s drunk. Or both.”

Whatever the reason for Pelosi’s odd behavior, it’s clear that she looks defeated.

Her demeanor is a heck of a lot less confident than it was at the last State of the Union.

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