Not only is Ilhan Omar shrouded in “marriage” controversy, as evidence piles up that she married her brother in an immigration scheme, but now we’re learning that she siphoned a whopping forty percent of her campaign spending to her alleged boyfriend’s firm.

The shocking report is just another scandal that the unpopular and embattled Dem rep is facing.

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To make matters worse for Ilhan, reports also indicate that the FBI is looking into allegations that she committed immigration fraud and the Education IG is looking into other allegations that she committed fraud in regards to schooling.

The FBI is looking into reports that Representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) married her brother in order to ease his immigration to the U.S., the New York Post reported on Sunday.

Two agents interviewed a person with knowledge of the case in Minnesota in mid-October. The person presented a trove of documents relating to the marriage of Omar and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009.

A number of right-wing blogs have for years posited that Elmi, a British citizen, is Omar’s brother based on a years-old Instagram post that identified him as the “uncle” of Omar’s child. The agents are reportedly now looking into the possibility that Omar married Elmi in order to obtain a Green Card for the brother [National Review]

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You can watch that video below:


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In the second half of 2019, out of every $10 that Ilhan For Congress spent, $4 went to the E Street Group, the political consulting group run by Tim Mynett, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s alleged boyfriend.

And more than 90% of the E Street Group’s entire earnings reported to the FEC came from Ilhan For Congress.

According to the campaign’s latest fourth-quarter filing of last year, $216,564.64, or more than half of Ilhan For Congress’s spending, went to the E Street Group. Omar’s team reported a total of $403,139.73 in disbursements to retain her seat in an overwhelmingly Democratic district. In the third quarter, Omar’s campaign allocated $146,712.64 of its $493,389.80 in disbursements to the E Street Group.

That means that, in half a year, $363,277.28 of her campaign’s total reported disbursements went to her alleged paramour’s firm, one that seems to have not existed prior to the last election cycle. In fact, of the $677,913.44 that the E Street Group reported receiving from campaigns to the FEC for the entirety of its existence, a majority, $369,551.02, came from Ilhan For Congress.

Mynett’s divorce, in which his wife alleges he left her to have an affair with Omar, may cost him. Good thing his alleged girlfriend’s campaign evidently has deep pockets. [Washington Examiner]

Could this finally be the moment when Omar is held accountable for her questionable and possibly illegal actions?

I know it’s hard to envision a Democrat actually being held accountable for something, but we can’t lose hope and we can’t stop digging for the truth.

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