In the wake of Roger Stone’s recent win against Mueller’s Russia witch hunt, many are now wondering just what the heck that useless Mueller investigation was even about.

I mean, considering the entire probe cost American taxpayers nearly $32 million, we kind of have a right to know, right?

The nearly two-year special counsel investigation of Russian election interference led by Robert Mueller cost nearly $32 million in total, a new filing shows.

The expenditures report, shared with CNBC by the Department of Justice on Friday, covers the final eight months of the probe, in which the special counsel spent about $6.56 million. About $4.12 million of that was spent through the special counsel’s office directly, and $2.44 million came from DOJ components that supported Mueller’s office.

The first 16 months of the probe cost $25.2 million in total. [CNBC]

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That’s quite a lot of money for the most underwhelming investigation of all time.

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But Devin Nunes is gearing up to reveal what true corruption happened during this sham.

During Lou Dobb’s Fox News show yesterday, Nunes promised the public that we’ll know in the coming weeks.

After the Justice Department recommended a steep prison sentence for Trump confidant Roger Stone, which was walked back on Tuesday, the California Republican said that “this is not going to be the only example” of questionable behavior during the federal inquiry he called an “obstruction of justice trap.”

“There’s more to come on this,” the House Intelligence Committee ranking member told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, before noting that all four prosecutors in the Stone case, including three who were on Mueller’s team, quit after the Justice Department rebuked their recommendation of up to nine years in prison for the longtime GOP operative. A more lenient three to four years in prison were suggested in the latest court filing.

“We think there’s other examples of things that they did during the Mueller investigation that I think you and your listeners and the American people will be very interested to learn in the coming weeks as we start to unpeel the onion of what the Mueller team was really doing,” he added. [Washington Examiner]

Watch the video:

Devin Nunes has always been on the up and up with the corruption coming out of the Mueller case.

So hopefully that means we’ll be seeing some more interesting developments in the weeks to come!

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