Not sure why so many people are using the “coronavirus” to pull pranks, but here we are.

Two idiotic teens boarded a New York City subway decked out in hazmat suits carrying a “toxic” container with a huge “WARNING” label on it.

You can imagine people’s anxiety levels are already sky-high over his virus, so when NYC subway goers spotted the “officials” in Hazmat suits, there were understandably anxious.

The teens recorded themselves holding a container with a vat of liquid marked as “COVID-19.” That’s the new official name of the coronavirus.

One passenger looked on and remarked, “I hope that’s Kool-Aid.”

Actually, that is exactly what the liquid was.

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Another passenger asked, “is that coronavirus?”

At that point, the teen holding the container gave a thumbs up, indicating that it was indeed coronavirus.

The teen then proceeded to open the lid, which caused people to drawback in protest and then – right on cue – he “accidentally” spills the virus all over the subway…

And everyone takes off, running for their lives.

You can watch the video below:

These kids are lucky they didn’t get their lights punched out for that stunt.

Or God forbid, someone got hurt or trampled trying to get away.


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