By David Kamioner | February 20, 2020

For about the past week it was hard to read a major publication or watch major media and not hear how well Mike Bloomberg was going to do against Donald Trump.

While we here at LifeZette largely steered clear of those shoals, that ship crashed upon the rocks of reality Wednesday night in Las Vegas. There we saw the Mike Bloomberg effort run aground in front of the audience and the country.

It could have been called before Wednesday.

A man isolated because of his wealth, who switched parties like changing socks, and who has more nondisclosure agreements out there than there are birds in the trees is usually not a charmer on the campaign trail. Ok, aside from the president.

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But that was clouded by Bloomberg’s New York pedigree, his place in the media, his mercenary attitude, and most of all by his money. He is who many in the press want to be and they doubled down on him before he had even run his first race.

The NYC thing is a big part of it. Like any metro center, Manhattan is socially a small town. Media honchos socialize and cut deals with each other to the exclusion of the savviest players from Omaha or Dallas. When NBC was bought years ago by a Philadelphia firm, Comcast, you should have the hue and cry. That just wasn’t done!

So, as they work and play together they have a similar mindset that says if you don’t belong to the right clubs or, god forbid, don’t live and work in Manhattan then you don’t count. Bloomberg counts where the media needs him to. Hence the adulation.

He also owns a media company and has the requisite media mercenary thought patterns to make him not only attractive to the press and the pros in the Democratic Party, but a vicarious thrill for the kids at the networks. He’s one of us!

And finally, there is the money. Lots and lots of it. So much filthy lucre he makes Scrooge McDuck look like Leon Trotsky. But with that must come guilt and a feigned leftist attitude towards capitalism. They thought he could fake it well enough in front of the rubes in Las Vegas and all would be well. That combined with media loyalty and money would be the winning ticket.

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However, in his only good moment of the night, he upheld the free market and took Sanders to task for his socialism. He would not play along to the contrived tune. He just can’t do that! It ruins everything!

It does and did. But for a little over a week, it didn’t.


This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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