It’s one thing to hear about the college admissions scandal and the “fake” resume that was used. It’s quite another to actually see it.

The lies and phony achievements are just stomach-turning.

You really get a feel for just how dishonest and wretched these pampered elites are and the lengths they will go to to keep their fragile egos intact.

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Laughlin’s daughter was admitted to college based on the outrageous lie that she was a “rowing team” champion.

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And trust me, her phony resume really pumps her up as a rowing expert – a real superstar and master of her sport. ?

Below is a copy of the fake resume.

The resume claims that Laughlun’s daughter was an “award-winning” crew athlete. It’s fair to note that her daughter(s) have reportedly never even participated in the sport.

The fake document goes on to brag about gold-medal wins and skills that include “awareness, organization, direction, and steering.”

In addition, the resume claims that Loughlin’s daughter is “highly talented” and has been successful in both “men’s and women’s boats.”

It’s all such trash. These people are just unscrupulous liars.

Before she became infamous in the scandal, Olivia Jade was best known as an online influencer touting hair and makeup, while her sister has appeared in a couple of TV works, mainly as Loughlin’s daughter.

Loughlin and her fashion-designer hubby, Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of shelling out half a million dollars to buy their daughters’ way into the University of Southern California.

The couple is arguing that they gave the money in good faith, thinking it was simply a donation to the school, and were unaware of what mastermind college-fixer Rick Singer was up to — posing the girls are athletes to help pave their way into the prestigious college, which eventually accepted them.

Copies of two checks were part of the filing: Each for $50,000 made out to “USC WOMENS ATHLETICS,” with “the purpose” being for the “Galen Center Film Room” courtesy of the Key Worldwide Foundation, Singer’s sham nonprofit.

Singer has confessed to the alleged scheme, which involves scores of well-heeled parents and prestigious schools. [Page Six]

Just sick.

I imagine all the real people, the ones who did go through the hard work of being a champion who were bumped to make way for his cheating family.

This is the epitome of elitist privilege.

Maybe if these parents spent less time on their careers and hobnobbing at Hollywood parties, and more time actually raising their kids, they wouldn’t need to create a fictitious life of phony successes.


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