Liz Warren had a rough go of it inside a New Hampshire diner as she tries to scrounge up any last-minute votes ahead of tomorrow’s primary.

Things didn’t go so well for the embattled 2020 contender.

Clearly, nobody in the diner was interested in whatever Liz was peddling.

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The awkward moment started with Liz waving and waving at absolutely nobody. No one waved. Yet she kept waving anyway.

Things went from bad to worse when a snarky lady says “I’m from Massachusetts. Oh, I know allll about you,” in the most disgusted tone ever. It was awesome!

Liz tried to fluff it off and awkwardly replied “oh good, then you can tell everyone,” with that nervous-liberal-lady laugh of hers that we’ve all come to hate.

You can watch the video below:

Liz likely walked into a diner filled with Trump supporters – that’s how awkward and uncomfortable this little “meet and greet was.”?

Just wait until the general election when the winner of this primary mess runs into rowdy patriotic Trump supporters on the trail…They ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


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