On Friday we discovered that disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will not face charges for blatantly lying to the FBI. These are the same process crimes committed by Roger Stone and General Flynn – only what McCabe did was actually worse.

However, Stone and Flynn are being dragged through the mud. It just proves that we have a two-tier justice system in this country.

One for the globalist elites like McCabe, Comey, and Clinton, where nothing happens and they are not held accountable for anything – and the other tier is for the rest of America, where they throw the book at us and treat us like second-class citizens.

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The swamp is deep my friends – bottomless, actually. This is what happens when the majority of America was asleep at the wheel for decades while the Deep State burrowed in deep.

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So, instead of getting down in the dumps and giving up, we must realize and accept that decades of burrowing and building power networks will not be so easily undone and it certainly can’t be done by one man, no matter how good his intentions.

Nowhere was that elitist “two-tier” justice on display more than in a tweet published by disgraced former FBI official Lisa Page. She literally “cheered” McCabe for skating free on charges that he lied to the FBI.

The adulterous anti-Trump shill posted a tweet of herself beaming while wearing a shirt that read, “I’m Done Being Quiet,” and raising a glass of wine, with the caption, “Cheers, Andy.”

By the way, when was she ever “quiet?” This homewrecker has been quite mouthy from the get-go.

If this isn’t a “Let Them Eat Cake” elitist attitude, I don’t know what is. Lisa may think she and her team of Deep State stooges won, but we the people – who have the real power – let her know that she didn’t.

“You look disgusting.”

“Your story is probably best fit for the Jerry Springer Show, Lisa.”

“Thank you for this. Gloating that your ally got away with lying to the FBI is exactly what the nation needs during these times.”

“You have to admire the cocky nature of these people. They know what they did, and who they did, and they know that they get away with it.”

“What about Peters wife?”

“He’s married.”

“You banging him too?”

““So let me get this straight. Lisa Page planned an “insurance policy” to overthrow Trump, changed Flynn’s 302 to ruin him, set up OCONUS lures to entrap Trump members & got caught texting her hate for Trump & supporters. But Lisa is a victim because Trump repeated her texts?” ”

“You must be so happy today. You may have gotten away with the biggest conspiracy and attempted coup in history. The gloating is exactly the look to be expected from people whose EGOS are so obscenely out of control, they decided they could determine the outcome of an election.”

“Did she sleep with McCabe as well??”

“He got fired Lisa. He can’t pay for your drink, and he can’t spring for the room.”

“Can the government please start hanging these traitors again like they did when there was a true justice system, so we don’t have to deal with these sick criminal narcissists! Make National Security Great Again! ”

“The swamp protects its own”

“Look at her, she’s like …’hey Andy I think we got away with it.’”

This is not an easy war to restore our country and drain the swamp. The bad guys will win a battle here and there, but in the end, the righteous will be victorious.

Never give up and never stop fighting.


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