Democrats don’t mind Bernie when he’s just the independent Senator from Vermont who caucuses with them.

However, when the dusty old commie looks like he’s about to be the 2020 nominee with his kooky plans that cost trillions and no clue how to pay for them, suddenly the Dems are worried.

Most sensible people realize Bernie would be a long-shot. He wants to blow up the entire system from top to bottom (during an economic boom) kick millions off their insurance, open the borders and give illegals every taxpayer-funded freebie under the sun, cancel student debt and make the taxpayers eat the cost, and then, oh yeah, make all colleges and universities “free.”

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Give me a break.

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His medicare for all plan is wildly unpopular with the vast majority of Americans and the Green New Deal is laughable (but Bernie wants to implement it, only an even more radical version). Look, these are all really hard sells to the American people. I get how younger people who have an “ankle-deep” understanding of how things actually operate would love a Big Government Daddy to take care of them, but under even the laxest of scrutiny Bernie’s plans have so many holes they look like swiss cheese.

This is why moderate Dems are terrified of Bernie becoming the nominee.

This is why people like “The View” host joy Behar are now distancing themselves from any past support of Bernie.

During today’s show, Behar claimed that she never was a “Bernie supporter.”

But her co-host and nemesis Meghan McCain said, “not so fast” and reminded her of how much she once loved Bernie…why, she even named her dog after him!

You can watch the video below:

We also found the video of Behar telling Bernie that she named her dog after him.

Bernie’s plans are cute ideas to talk about inside coffee shops with your friends who have blue hair and no gender, but in the real world this “blow it all up and start over” attitude doesn’t sit well with the vast majority of Americans.

Especially not now.

People will say, “but what about Trump, he wanted to blow it all up, too!”

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Uh, no he didn’t. He wanted to give Americans control over a government that had gone rogue.

Bernie wants to make the wild and rogue government bigger and more controlling and have you foot the bill, to boot.

Draining the swamp of greedy and corrupt bureaucrats is not “blowing everything up.” What Bernie wants to do is transform America into his personal “utopia,” and while some people might like that idea, most Americans don’t want to live in a gigantic “what if” society governed by a communist who has never held a steady job outside of politics or a former bartender from Brooklyn.


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