We haven’t heard that much from Joe Biden lately.

He’s kind of faded into the woodwork – probably in hopes that he can regroup and launch a “comeback” of sorts, after his abysmal showing in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But, bad news for Joe is that as soon as he starts making public comments again everything goes south – very quickly.

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Take for example his latest bungled comments during a CNN town hall event, where a very confused Biden declared that his son was the “Attorney General of the United States.”

Huh? ?

Could not load the poll.

No, sorry Joe, we know you like to hand out powerful and high-paying jobs, but this is one gig that you didn’t gift anyone.

Biden was referring to his son, Beau, who passed away from a brain tumor at such a young age, which is very sad.

Beau, unlike Hunter, was a self-made man and very successful in his own right.

Biden claimed that Beau was once the AG of the U.S., which is completely and totally wrong.

Scary stuff. 

You can watch the video below:

It’s interesting that the question Biden was answering was how to restore the barriers between the DOJ and the Oval Office…the irony is rather rich, wouldn’t you say?

The Dems and the mainstream media have circled back to poor old Joe and are once again trying to prop him up to frontrunner status as their “hero” Bloomberg falters and tanks after a nightmarish debate performance in Nevada last week.

Today is the Nevada caucus, which will likely see Biden in a second or third-place finish – if polling of that contest is accurate.


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