The Super Bowl has certainly become one big stage for liberals to do all of their political grandstanding.

It’s actually worse than the Oscars.

This year’s Super Bowl had one far-left political message after another with Bloomberg’s endless ads promoting radical gun control, Beyonce and Jay-Z sitting out the national anthem and Jennifer Lopez trying to attack Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration laws during the halftime show.

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As a matter of fact, Lopez took aim at Trump even before the halftime show, stating during an interview with the LA Times that it’s “super important” for two Latina women to be headlining the show, especially in “Trump’s America.”

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Lopez then took aim at the president by showing children in cages and donning a Puerto Rican flag while performing the Bruce Springsteen hit “Born in the USA.”

Watch the video:

J-Lo must’ve forgotten one big thing during her political halftime show, which conservative comedian Mark Dice was quick to point out:

“Who’s gonna tell the morons that Puerto Ricans are already Americans? hahahah”


Someone tried to retort back and say that Lopez’s main attack against Trump in the performance was the children singing in cages, but as many already know, Obama actually built those cages:

Pictures of children behind chain-link fencing were captured at a site in McAllen, Texas, that had been converted from a warehouse to an immigrant-detention facility in 2014. Social media users who defended Trump’s immigration policies also shared a 2014 photograph of Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, touring a facility in Nogales, Arizona, in 2014, in which the fencing could be seen surrounding migrants there as well. That picture was taken during a spike in the number of unaccompanied children fleeing violence in Central American countries. [Snopes]

While many un-informed liberals will tout Lopez’s political jabs as “brilliant,” the fact is that both of her statements make zero sense when the facts are presented.

This is the issue with the left, they always make these grand political statements, but never even bother to check and see if it’s factually sound.


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