George Clooney has been the global brand ambassador for Nespresso Coffee for some 14-years now.

You’ve likely seen Mr. Clooney on print ads or in commercials. He’s literally “the face” of Nespresso Coffee.

You’ll also recall that Clooney, just like most other smug Hollywood elites, hates President Trump and laments that he is a “morally” horrible human being – racist, Nazi, evil, tyrant and “Hitler-like,” all the usual stuff we’ve come to hear from these Hollywood types.

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So, you’d imagine our shock when someone as morally perfect and pure as George Clooney is the FACE of a company that uses poverty-riddled child labor to pick their coffee beans – and then turns around and sells the coffee for astronomical amounts, making people like George richer and richer.

Thanks partly to George, Nespresso, with its sleek machines and jewel-like pods, is the most covetable brand of the lot, accounting for 30 per cent of coffee-pod sales in the UK.

Despite their hefty price tag — the machines range from £89.99 to over £600 and the pods are about 30p each — the machines are routinely given as Christmas and birthday presents, hooking customers into the system.

Some owners no longer talk of having a coffee but of ‘having a Nespresso’. And so-called ’boutiques’ have opened — there are 16 in London alone and more than 700 worldwide — selling everything Nespresso-related.

But is the drink actually any good? Many believe it isn’t, complaining that Nespresso coffee — which is made by pushing hot water through the capsule and the ground coffee it contains — is bitter and not nearly hot enough.

Some declare the whole thing a gimmick, all style and no substance: the emperor’s new espresso.

Worse, soaring sales of the machines and pods come at a terrible cost — and not just to the poor children of Guatemala allegedly working up to six-day weeks for less than £5 a day to harvest the beans. [Daily Mail]

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Clooney responded to the claims of “child labor,” saying he is “saddened” and vowed that “work will be done.”

Wow, 14-years after taking the job you’ll “get work done,” great job, George. ?

“Honestly I was surprised and saddened to see this story,” Clooney said in a statement to NBC News, referring to a “Dispatches” episode on child labor at coffee farms in Guatemala.

Of course he was “surprised” – he’d never think to actually investigate anything he’s involved in and places his name on as an “endorsement.”

The show alleges that young children in Guatemala are forced to work long hours to pick coffee beans that help supply Nespresso and earn little more than the price of a pack of the brand’s coffee pods.

“Clearly this board and this company still have work to do,” Clooney said. “And that work will be done.”

This guy is a real piece of work. He should have quit on the spot and taken all the child labor money he earned and used it to build housing for those poor kids.

Clooney has made millions off the backs of poor children.

But gee, he’s “sad” about it, so that helps everyone, right?

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What a disease these celebrities are.

Nobody has done more to hurt kids in this world than people in Hollywood. Nobody…

Every single time these Hollywood elites are outed as total and complete hypocrites.

These smug, out-of-touch millionaires and billionaires sit on the gold perches and preach and lecture at the peasants on how they should live and vote and behave – all the while they’re doing the exact opposite of what they preach.

This is why progressive globalist elites just keep losing. It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality.


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