Well, this is beyond creepy.

Eric Holder, along with many other D.C. swamp creatures, is attacking President Trump’s response to the coronavirus, but Holder definitely took it to a weird place.

The former Attorney General issued out a tweet where he suggested that Trump wasn’t prepared for the virus and included a photo of assassinated president John F. Kennedy and his brother who was also killed.

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Lots of other twitter users also saw this as a cryptic threat against the president and were quick to point it out.

This is bigger then @BarackObama admins gender-less bathrooms…let the adults handle this one! I don’t like your fu€king picture either…is that code or something?@SecretService@potus@WhiteHouse@SecPompeo”

“weird choice of photo, Eric.”

Why are you showing a picture of 2 Assassinated men, One president and they other a brother running for Office? Is this a threat? @realDonaldTrump @SecretService”

“Interesting choice of picture: These two men were assassinated for standing up to the ‘Deep State'”

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Some users were also sure to point out Holder pushing out this same narrative that many of the left are having.

“Did you get your information from Rod Rosenstein’s sister at the CDC? Or, the Democrat official in Japan that ignored President Trump’s orders to hold quarantined patients in Japan before bringing them home? You’re despicable sir. Those that do anything for power will have none”

Regardless, it’s an extremely strange and alarming tweet.

Especially coming from “Mr. Fast and Furious” himself.

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