The only difference between Sen. Bernie Sanders, the real admitted communist, and the rest of the “Democrats” is that Bernie is honest about his communism and what he will do.

Bernie will take all the money out of the economy, all the money that anyone who has worked hard has invested, all the money in trusts and bank accounts. He will take it all to DC, where he and a few trusted people will decide who gets what and when. Bernie is a Communist with a big “C,” and anyone who thinks he isn’t is a fool.

Sanders was OK for them when he was just an old fool spreading commie ideas, but now he is Frankenstein’s monster and is threatening to wreck the House and bust up the furniture. They do deserve him, but the rest of us don’t.

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If the Democrat establishment were smart, they would write this one off and pick up the pieces. But they can’t for several reasons.

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First, they would be swept out of the House, lose ground in the Senate, and there would be no Paul RYNO to slow Pres. Trump down.

Second, there will probably be some counter investigations, again without a Paul RYNO to slow it down, and with Pres. Trump having a better handle on who he was working underneath him. Some progress could be made on swamp draining.

Third, there is no guarantee that the powers that be in the Democrat Party will be left standing when the dust settles—writing it off my not be an option when you could be a casualty of a Reaganesque landslide.

This goes to the old spiritual knowledge of the human race. If you pray to the godhead, you’ll be fine; if you call on spirits, you can never be sure what your summoning will bring.

Since there are infinite spirits, from good through the most malevolent, but only one godhead, calling spirits is almost sure to bring disaster or at least misfortune. Observe legend and even modern storytelling. This concept is shot through all human history.

Sanders is the result of leftists calling on spirits, 0bama was as well. Anyone, anything, any way to defeat the enemy will do, and sure enough up pops a candidate. The cultish religious fervor of the left contrasts vividly with the diffuse attitudes of the majority of the people who most want just to be left in peace to go about our business.

We look to the godhead; they call on spirits. They’ve gotten a malevolent one in Sanders.

The Democrats deserve Bernie Sanders and all of his socialist hypocrite ways. They have been fighting the two steps forward one step back equation since Woodrow Wilson and the birth of Progressive thinking (add Teddy Roosevelt to that early equation as well).

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The addition of Michael Bloomberg will not help the Democrat party in the end and may facilitate it’s demise as Bloomberg is not a traditional ‘moderate.’ If Bernie loses the Democrat Party nomination, the Dem’s lose. If Bernie gets the Democrat Party nomination, the Dem’s lose.

Democrats may have to write this election off and hope to find their way down the road as it’s hard to imagine anyone could jump in at this point and save the party unless the D’s can ensure that no first-ballot winner is allowing the super delegates back into the room and kicking Bernie out of that room.

In the long run, however, it speaks volumes about where we may be headed since the Millennials are the core Bernie voters and if, and maybe when the border invaders are amnestied and registered, the game may be up.

Our only hope is Republicans can get their act together, and maybe the Millennials will grow up.

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