Mitt Romney is a bitter, bitter man.

His hatred for President Trump is so strong that he can’t think straight.

Mitt Romney has Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome and at this point, he’s equally as bad a traitor as John McCain or Jeff Flake and as worthless to us as an Anti-Trump Democrat.

He’s an island.

He stands alone in his hate and jealousy – and he should be shunned vigorously by all patriotic conservatives.

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That’s why I am thrilled to report that CPAC, the massive conservative conference lead by pro-Trump powerhouse Matt Schlapp who is the president of the American Conservative Union.

Schlapp took to Twitter on Friday, where he announced that Sen. Mitt Romney would not be invited to this year’s gathering.

Schlapp’s announcement came after Romney voted to allow new witnesses and documents in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Romney’s vote was motivated by his desire to hear from John Bolton, Romney’s spokesperson, Liz Johnson, said, The Hill reported.

Romney and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) — two of the most moderate Republican lawmakers — were the only two Republicans who voted in favor of additional witnesses and evidence.

However, because Democrats needed four Republican votes, Trump’s trial will likely end next Wednesday in an acquittal without having heard from additional witnesses.

Romney has spoken at CPAC several times, including in 2012 when he secured the Republican nomination for president, and in 2013 after losing the election to then-President Barack Obama.  [The Blaze]

Good. Romney is a good-for-nothing traitor and I hope the GOOD people of Utah realize this and recall this bum as soon as humanly possible.

This loser didn’t run for Senate to work the American people. This globalist neocon ran to try and stop the America First movement…and truthfully, I wouldn’t be surprised if he voted to convict President Trump when the impeachment vote happens.

Many people say he would never do that – but I don’t know folks, it could go either way.

He’s suffering from TDS and we know that disease destroys people’s common sense.


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