Last night MSNBC hosted the Democrat debate in Las Vegas, but it was the presidential town hall event hosted by CNN was that has many people now talking.

A new video has surfaced of the event that is raising eyebrows.

Here’s the set up:

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Tom Steyer is being interviewed either before the event starts or during a break – but either way, it’s not Steyer I want you to focus on.

Look beyond him and you’ll see what appears to be a CNN employee in the background working as a “warmup person” for the audience.

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What’s odd about this, is that this is a presidential town hall, not a sitcom – why on earth would CNN need to “warm-up their audience” and teach them how to clap and cheer?

You Can watch the video below:


I’ll tell you why CNN does this…

Because CNN is a propaganda network. Everything they do is “staged” in some way. In this case, they’re trying to generate excitement where there is none. They want the viewers at home to feel like this is an excited and energized crowd who are so excited to hear what these boring, whacko Dem candidates have to say.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.


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