I watched this video thinking, “oh it can’t be that bad…” and at first I was like, “she’s definitely putting her own spin on it…” and then a few more seconds in and I was like “Holy crap, this is awful.”

Sorry, Chaka, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

The popular 80’s singer butchered the anthem so badly that it was hardly recognizable at certain points.

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Here are some of the best comments from Youtube:

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Depressed Steelers Fan: She sound like she had someone telling her the lyrics in an ear piece.

Yung_Baller: She sound like that one lady at church who wanna lead every song on Sunday

Owen Barrett: Everyone: There is no way, not a CHANCE in hell that a rendition of the National Anthem can be worse then Fergie’s. Chaka Khan: Hold my beer.

GarageStudio: Fergie: Let’s play some Basketball! Chaka Khan: Hold my vocal cords

Joshua: “Oh say, can you see?” Ok this isnt that bad “BAaAH the dawns early Laaaght” Oh no

paolaaox x: i got second hand embarrassment watching this

Daniel1858: Marines back there like “this wtf we dyin for?”

Police Videos: she was hitting notes that haven’t been invented yet

I was murdered by My goldfish: Lmao. Sound like she’s experiencing 2-3 years of puberty while singing.

MH3311: I read The Hunt for Red October during Chaka’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. When I finished the novel, she was still singing.

720allout: These sounds haven’t been invented yet

Challie with the heat: Why they always wanna play with that anthem at the all star game?

john brown: I never wanted to be deaf so much in my life.


You can watch the video below:

Many people are saying this performance was even worse than the one Fergie performed back in 2018.

You be the judge:

I think it’s time for the NBA All-Stars to spring for some better anthem singers, how ’bout you?


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