Last night the Democrats held their New Hampshire debate and things got very weird.

At one point Biden, Steyer, and Sanders were arguing over the number of black people they “have.”

Biden and Steyer kicked off the debate, with Biden telling Steyer that he had “double the blacks,” and Styer saying “no you don’t.”

What the heck is wrong with these people?

Then Bernie chimed in and said he had “9 blacks” supporting him.

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It was a bizarre and offensive exchange that had to leave black voters feeling deeply frustrated.

Old, rich white guys arguing over who owns the most “blacks.” Gee, nothing racist about that, right?


You can watch the video below:

The reactions on Twitter were gold:

“How can anyone look at these people and see anyone as leader of the free world?”

“What. The. Actual. Hell. Lmao”

“None of these fools actually has any black friends. Lord this is such a bad look for all of them”

“Warren: My PaPa was black.”

“I’m sure the black community feels great being talked about like this. The poll numbers should sky rocket right? Is that what they actually think????? Holy racism Democrats.”

“And they call Donald Trump a racist they are literally counting how many “black people” they have on stage like they own them.”

While Dems argue over how many “blacks” they have, black communities are in shambles, plagued by violence and drowning in drugs and poverty.

The Democrat party has left the African American community behind and they truly don’t care – all they care about are votes during election time.


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