The Democrats are in a big ol’ mess.

Last night’s Iowa caucus fiasco has left many people angry, suspicious and feeling robbed and believe this process was rigged for Biden.

The DNC is claiming that the smartphone app they decided to try out for the first time “malfunctioned” and they were not able to announce a winner.

It’s fair to note that the app in question is a product created by former Hillary staffers – yes, it’s already starting to look “weird,” right?

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Well, it gets worse.

Many people believe this was a setup to help Biden by slowing down Bernie’s momentum.

You’ll recall a day before the caucus the poll that always comes out was mysteriously canceled, so nobody knew what the final polling looked like.

Interesting, right?

Well, then here comes caucus night and thanks to the “glitchy app” nobody knows who the winner is.

Or do we?

According to the New York Times, “live tracker app” the winner was Bernie and the biggest loser was Biden.

So, many people believe the disappearing poll and the “malfunctioning app” were a ruse used to hide the fact that Biden is done in this race.

Let’s face it, the ONLY person who benefits from this disastrous “malfunction” is Joe Biden. He gets to keep these numbers secret – and when they are finally released he can say “oh, those numbers are clearly wrong–the whole voting process was illegitimate” and go on his merry way.

Meanwhile, by the time Bernie gets the numbers that “grand moment” to enjoy momentum will have passed and can be quickly brushed over by the media, who are working with Dem establishment to try and bring down Bernie.

Needless to say, angry Americans from both sides of the aisle are taking to Twitter to unleash their frustration with establishment politicians who crush the voice of the “little guy.”

Take a look:

“This is going to be an incredibly entertaining year watching the Democrats stumble over themselves. Last night was the beginning of the shitshow, just wait until they see the election results in November Donald Trump has broken the Democratic Party”

“Irrefutable results from #IowaCaucuses: A) @BernieSanders
won B) #DNCisCorrupt or, at a minimum, inept. C) Biden is toast D) Pete is a child in adult clothing. E) GOP is aptly laughing their ass off. F) MSM and establishment fear the Bern. G) #PresidentBernieSanders is coming!”

“Saying #DNCisCorrupt is like saying the Pacific ocean is big or the sun is hot. Doesn’t quite capture it. Given the myriad felonies they’ve committed since 2016 to try to destroy Trump, at least 20 big-name Dems need to go to prison for a decade or more, incl H Clinton & B Obama.”

“Jimmy Dore was right about forming a new party I was on the fence on this but he was right Iowa is just the start guys. The Democratic Party will not allow Bernie to win ”

“After last night, I am #BernieOrBust —It is clear the DNC cannot be trusted, once again, to run fair primaries. #DNCisCorrupt #BernieWonIowa #MayoPeteCheats”

“A Democratic Party capable of such an epic, corrupt, politically damaging screwup of the #IowaCaucuses is in desperate need of, I don’t know, a political revolution!? Maybe a #PresidentBernieSanders? Let’s make it happen. #DNCisCorrupt”

“Rumors have it that the @DNC is holding the results back from the public late as possible so it gets less coverage. Because their chosen one isn’t the winner. I believe in those rumors. ”

“So @TomPerez openly said that the DNC will change NO rules for any democratic candidate, Bloomberg donates money to the DNC, all of a sudden the rules were changed to allow Bloomberg on the debate stages. ”

This is not only like 2016 all over again, but it’s also even worse.

Biden is wildly more incompetent than Hillary was  – he cannot stand on his own mentally-speaking and ironically, the Ukraine impeachment mess really took him out of the fame.

Keep an eye on this, we’re watching the epic destruction of the Democrat Party in real (delicious) time.


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