Some days it seems like the swamp is too deep for one man to drain and justice is dead.

Today may feel like one of those days as word comes down that disgraceful former FBI Depuy Director Andrew McCabe will not be charged for lying to investigators.

Andrew McCabe was actually fired for lying under oath. But unlike Roger Stone and General Flynn, McCabe gets off free as a bird.

We write to inform you that, after careful consideration, the Government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client, Andrew G. McCabe, arising from the referral by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to our Office of conduct described in OIG’s April 13, 2018, report entitled, “A Report of Investigation of Certain Allegations Relating to Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.” Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the Government at this time, we consider the matter closed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
McCabe was fired in 2018. One month before, the OIG released the aforementioned report, which found that McCabe “lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions in connection with describing his role in connection with a disclosure to the [Wall Street Journal]” [Daily Wire]

The decision not to charge McCabe is in regards to the 2018 IG Horowitz report. The Durham and Barr investigations is still ongoing, but you can imagine that people are losing faith that actual justice will be served.

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The most infuriating part is the blatant two-tier justice system that’s at work in this country. It’s shameless how the elites live a life of lawlessness with absolutely no repercussions at all.

Ruling elites like McCabe, Comey, Clinton are above the law, while anyone associated with President Trump is fair game and will be cast down into a fiery pit of criminal hell.

It’s even more frustrating that we have a Republican president who has been dedicated to cleaning up corruption and we’re still seeing this type of injustice.

The swamp is so deep. I wonder if it’s bottomless.

This move also has many people now questioning AG Barr’s ability to get the job done, and some even asking if he’s actually part of the swamp.

That’s what Trump-loyalist Lou Dobbs is saying.

Lou interviewed Rep Devin Nunes who is probably one of the most well-versed on the corrupt DOJ and the #SpyGate scandal.

So, between Dobbs, Nunes, and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, they’re looking at this whole thing unfold and are wondering if Barr is providing cover for the Deep State.

You can watch the video below:

Granted, we don’t know what will happen with the Durham/Barr probe, McCabe could still be charged in that.

However, it’s becoming very frustrating to play this “wait and see” game for over three years now with no justice whatsoever.

Meanwhile, these bad/dirty cops are sitting around writing books, blathering on CNN and MSNBC and trashing President Trump on Twitter, while we’re told “wait and see!”

If this #SpyGate mess is swept under the rug there will be hell to pay by “we the people.” We just can’t sit back and allow this type of corruption to go unanswered.

Demands to dismantle the entire DOJ and intel community will reach a fever pitch of epic proportions – the likes that D.C. has ever seen before.


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