This has to be a mental illness. Why else would someone mutilate their body in this way?

A once stunningly beautiful woman permanently altered her appearance in such a way that she’s no longer recognizable and spent so $26 thousand dollars to do it.

Amber Breeana is from Australia and she obviously has an unhealthy obsession with tattoos – she’s also had her tongue “split” to look like a serpent.

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The first tattoo she got was a simple calligraphy piece that read, “you can keep knocking, but won’t knock me down; no love lost, no love found.”

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However, today, every inch of her body is covered with tattoos from flowers, skulls, animals and geometric patterns.

Amber Breeana Luke, 24, says she caught the “tattoo bug” when she was first inked at 16 years old — and since then, she’s been back to the tattoo parlor countless times. “At first it was because I wanted to know what the feeling was like – I craved it even though I had no idea what it felt like,” says Luke, who’s also had her tongue split. “Once the needle penetrated my skin, it felt like home.”

Exactly how many tattoos Luke has is anyone’s guess; she says she stopped counting at 150. In addition to drawings of flowers, vines, skulls, animals, patterns and phrases, she’s even had the whites of her eyes tattooed blue. “My eyeballs caused me the most immense pain I’ve endured so far, but they’re worth it,” she says. [WLSAM]

It’s actually sad that this woman’s family and friends did not step in and get her help before she turned her body into a carnival sideshow.

Some experts believe that the pain from getting tattooed might be addictive, a type of euphoric rush.

And nothing could be more painful than getting your eyeballs tattooed – clearly, sound-thinking people would not even consider such a thing.

According to experts the medical risks of “eyeball tattoos” are quite alarming. Once the substance is injected into the layers of the eye, it can cause chronic inflammation of the wall of the eye, says Kendall E. Donaldson, an associate professor of ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

If you want to stand out so badly, get a pair of funky colored contacts and call it a day.


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