Can you imagine thinking Adam Schiff would be a “great” president? I don’t know how you get to that “spot” in life where you truly believe an ignoramus like Schiff is presidential material.

But here we are.

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Washed-up singer and Trump-hater Barabara Streisand thinks Schiff would be the perfect guy to run the country, she even tweeted about it.

The liberal singer said: Adam Schiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law… his passion… his articulateness. His sincerity! He speaks the truth and would make a great president.

I mean, how can anyone take that seriously?

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Well, I decided to look into it and see how people were responding…and I have to say after I was done reading about 10 responses I was seriously scared for my fellow Americans.

These liberals are seriously nuts and live in some twisted parallel universe where facts and truth aren’t required.

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I’ve decided to share some of these responses with you because they’re bone-chillingly stupid.

“Honestly he is one of the smartest people I know..”

“@RepAdamSchiff would make a Phenomenal President one day & America will be so Fortunate! But we are so thankful that Adam is the face & voice of the Impeachment Process. He has embraced that Role & does not flinch one bit from the massive insults/attacks from Trump & Republicans!”

“I live in his District and couldn’t be more proud that he is my representative!”

“You are quite right Barbra he would make a great president. Honest, integrity, ability and intelligence are just a few of his attributes. Everything that’s lacking in our current administration ”

“I’ve thought that for awhile. I even fantasized about Trump & Pence being removed from office & replaced by Nancy & Schiff. What a team they would make. Again, before anyone gets upset, it is my opinion & fantasy”

“I love him too. It’s refreshing to have a leader speaking eloquently and coherently…unlike someone we know.”

“And Schiff is not a corrupt racist who has told 16,200+ lies to date. He has spoken the Truth all through this process and ignored Trump’s lies about him paraphrasing the quid pro quo transcript.”

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