Liberals never studied economics, the law of supply and demand. Too much demand for federal resources and not enough supply. Keep Walking!

America has become a dumping ground for other countries to allow their mess to filter into our borders. Instead of countries trying to fix their problems, they don’t care. They know their citizens will leave for America, giving them the space they need to steal and cheat the remaining civilians who stay.

We’ve had quotas on immigration and refugees. Still, those quotas have been cast aside for many years, especially during the Barack Obama admin, and tons of refugees and others have been allowed to flood our country. Just take a ride across the nation’s smaller communities, it’s not only the major cities. Someone seems to be funding foreigners to buy gas stations, businesses, etc. across America.

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Just imagine if sleeper cells are indeed throughout America as has only been reported. Can you imagine if there is a coordinated attack on America, what would happen if all these gas stations and groceries are suddenly shut down? Americans are left with nothing but chaos and violence? That’s what the government should be looking at. Who is funding all of this? I keep thinking I’ll see some American entrepreneurs behind some of those counters but don’t. America has been compromised beyond any of us can imagine.

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On Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided it was time to make a change for his state by refusing to accept refugees under an executive order. This action will require local jurisdictions to opt into the federal resettlement program actively.

The decision is a major blow to the program since Texas is the largest recipient of refugees in the country.

“At this time, the state and non-profit organizations have a responsibility to dedicate available resources to those who are already here, including refugees, migrants and the homeless,” Abbott, a Republican, said in his letter to the U.S. State Department.

“As a result, Texas cannot consent,” to refugee resettlement this fiscal year, he said.

Refugees who are initially settled in another U.S. state can subsequently move to Texas, but they would not have access to federal resettlement benefits, such as housing, there, resettlement agencies say. [Reuters]

About time. Prices are rising because we are supporting so many “refugees” (illegals), which are hurting the elderly on fixed incomes — everything for the “refugees” and nothing for our own homeless. In TX, if you can’t speak Spanish, good luck finding a job. San Antonio is not supposed to be a sanctuary city, but look closely, and you will find that it is. Enough is enough. We don’t need wall to wall people for taxpayers to care for.

One-quarter of U.S. homeless people are children. Housing and Urban Development report that on any given night, over 138,000 of the homeless in the US are children under the age of 18. Over 57,000 veterans are homeless each night. Sixty percent of them were in shelters, the rest unsheltered. Nearly 5000 are female. Don’t you find it odd how the Democrats running for their party nomination are not talking about how we can help our own?

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A mother who caters to others while neglecting her own needs is considered abusive as she should be. The same with lawmakers of a nation or anyone else who ignores that fact of abuse. I’m sorry everyone doesn’t get everything they want in life, but neither do many-yes many here. It’s not right to take more from them when they have real needs not being met to give to others

Perhaps the more rational levels of refugee admissions and better assessments before admissions will lead to a different perspective on refugees than the past policies. Texas and any other state or city that feels they cannot accommodate refugee resettlement should always have had and should always have the right to say no to the arbitrary and uninformed whims of the federal government.

Honestly, we need to put a halt to ALL immigration until Congress can sit down and write a new Immigration Reform Bill. The only thing that will get them motivated to do this is not to let anyone else in.

That should include no anchor babies and judges not being able to override this new bill as they often like to do.



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