The Democrats are in a downward spiral with Trump’s impeachment trial.

They’ve omitted information, slandered the president and have just outright lied, specifically when they claimed Trump told senators their heads would be on “pikes” if they voted to oust him.

But there’s still something they could do to save their hide, although the advice may have come too late.

According to Jonathan Turley, they only hope Democrats have now is to destroy the second article of impeachment over the obstruction.

To put it simply, it may be time to dismiss Article II. The obstruction-of-Congress article was dead on arrival, but holding a vote to dismiss the article anyway would allow the Senate to go on the record in opposition to the House handling of this impeachment.

It just might be enough to open a path for witnesses on Article I and the abuse-of-power charge.

The House destroyed any chance for an obstruction article when it made an impeachment by Christmas its overriding priority. The short period set by the House did not allow the White House to challenge a subpoena and effectively made the seeking of judicial review a “high crime and misdemeanor.” … [Washington Post]

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The Democrats are certainly between a rock and a hard place on this one, and it’s pretty sad that they would have to erase the biggest charge against Trump if they have any hope of a case.

I’m sure many of them are wondering why they ever started this sham impeachment, to begin with.

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