Tucker Carlson was holding back zero punches when he went after talentless CNN hack Brian Stelter and his upcoming “fake news” documentary which is set to premiere on HBO this March.

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Stelter’s pathetic documentary is titled AFTER TRUTH: DISINFORMATION AND THE COST OF FAKE NEWS and will take a look at the “rising phenomenon of ‘fake news’ in the U.S. and the impact that disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false news stories have on the average citizen.”

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Pretty rich coming from a pundit who hails from the king of all fake news stations, right?

Tucker absolutely shreds Stelter, calling him “dull and talentless” and delivered the ultimate crushing blow with this humdinger:

“I want to live in a world where impressive people rise to the top, and unimpressive people park my car,” Carlson said. “Brian Stelter should be parking my car, but he has an HBO show.”

Stelter fired back in his Reliable Sources newsletter late Thursday night.

“I hope Tucker tips well!” Stelter said. “Actually I’m surprised he would trust me with his car.” [Mediate]

Watch the video:

Tucker definitely hit the nail on the head and Stelter’s documentary will most likely bomb so bad that it’ll make CNN’s ratings for the past 5 years look impressive.

When will the fake news media wake up and realize the American people have tuned out?

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