Today, President Trump addressed the nation on last night’s “attack” by Iran.

The President de-escalated the situation, which pretty much everyone by now agrees was just a PR stunt by Iran to save face and said that he would continue with sanctions but no further military action.

President Trump brought Iran to their knees. This is a MASSIVE win for Trump, who proves yet again what a strong and capable leader he is.

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But it was his entrance into the room that has the internet buzzing.

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As the doors opened and President Trump walked in the room, the light from behind him created this omniscient/angelic glow!

What an absolutely perfect entrance to cap off a perfect military mission.

You can watch the video below:

The Democrats and lying fake news media have been telling the American people that President Trump was leading us into WW3. All lies.

This played out so perfectly for Trump.

Now, how will Dems and the fake news media spin this into a negative? Because we know these communist monsters can’t stand should to shoulder with patriotic Americans and celebrate a great victory.

They hate America…they only crave power.

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