Our disgusting propaganda liberal media was fawning over the funeral for bloodthirsty terrorist Soleimani. They oo’d and aww’d over the massive crowds and treated this sick murdering monster like a national hero.

The Iranian regime is a tyrannical dictatorship. You don’t have the luxury of “dissent” and “protest” in Iran. As a matter of fact, when the Iranian people did take to the streets and protest their government last week, Soleimani issued a “shoot to kill” order and over 1500 of his own people were slaughtered.

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So, it’s no wonder people were out there “mourning” the loss of this vicious monster. If they didn’t would they have been killed? Likely so.

A new report from OANN says that Middle East journalists are reporting that the Iranian regime was actually offering people free food to get them to come out to the funeral.

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keep in mind, the economy in Iran is in the toilet. The people are poor and hungry, so of course, they’d show up for food.

Iran’s Ayatollah regime is giving away free meals to convince people to attend funeral events for late General Qasem Soleimani. According to Iranian state media Tuesday, regime officials prepared 40,000 portions of warm food for attendees of Soleimani’s funeral ceremonies.

Iranian dissidents say the regime is working to draw tens of thousands of people to convince the world Soleimani was a popular leader in Iran. This effort led to dangerous overcrowding at his funeral ceremony in the city of Kerman Tuesday.

At least 32 people died and 190 others were injured in the stampede.

“We can’t really say how may people really loved him. Don’t forget, in the past few days, the government shut down the schools, universities, theentire country is shut down. So if I’m a student, I remember when I was in Iran, if there was any ceremony my teacher would come say ‘all of you tomorrow will come, cross your name.”  –Jiyar Gol, political observer [OANN]

Sadly, the funeral turned out to be a death trap.

At least 35 people were killed and nearly 50 were injured.

You can watch the video below:

It’s very scary how easily and happily our crap media fell for and pushed Iranian propaganda.

This is how much these nutbags hate President Trump.

They’d rather side with a State Sponsor of Terror and push their talking points than stand by the United States of America.

That is how mentally deranged and twisted Democrats have become.

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