Former WH spokesperson Sarah Sanders is now a Fox News contributor and she appeared on “Fox and Friends” where she ripped to shreds the latest war powers resolution that slurring Speaker Pelosi jammed through the House.

Essentially what Slurring Pelosi is doing is tying the hands of the president and making Congress the overseer of our “foreign policy” which is literally unconstitutional and scary as hell.

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Sanders said, “I can’t think of anything dumber than allowing Congress to take over our foreign policy … The last thing we want to do is push powers into Congress’ hands and take them away from the president.”

She’s 100 percent spot on.

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The president sets and carries out our nation’s foreign policy.

If there’s a situation that needs an immediate reaction, you can’t tie the hands of the Commander in Chief and tell him he has to go to Congress.


You can watch the video below:

If this garbage passes the Senate, President Trump should take it to the SCOTUS because nobody on planet earth elected Nancy Pelosi to make ANY foreign policy decisions.


The country elected Trump to carry out all of his job duties because we trust him.

We as a country did not elect a bunch of TDS House bozos.

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