From the outside, being royal seems grand, luxurious, elegant, magnificent, glamorous. This may all be true, but it is also a life of public service, obligation, humility, etiquette, strict discipline, and selflessness.

My impression/speculation from afar is that Meghan Markle was enamored with the elegance and glamor of being royal, but was ill-equipped to embrace the selfless, disciplined duty aspects of royal life. Honestly, it seems that Harry chose poorly. The marriage seems doomed to me. I wonder if she is trying to get the baby out of England and into Canada or America for leverage in a custody negotiation after the divorce.

Listening to Prince William, who is speaking from a brother’s perspective, you can tell this subject weighs heavy on his heart. Meghan has created separation on almost everything in her life except for her mother. She wanted this life and didn’t like the rules that came along with the job. That’s the future she chose, so any negativity that comes her way; a die is cast.

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“I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that anymore…I’m sad about that,” he told the Sunday Times.

The Duke of Cambridge admitted his “sadness” about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to “step back” as senior members of the monarchy, according The Sunday Times of London.

William, 37, seemed resigned to trying to buoy the rogue couple as the fallout from their desire to splinter from the family continued.

“All we can do, and all I can do, is try and support them and hope that the time comes when we’re all singing from the same page. I want everyone to play on the team,” he said. [Fox News]

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This is the saddest part of it all. William & Harry had a brilliant sibling relationship and supported each other through the tragedy of losing their mother when they were young. No-one can ever replace that shared experience. Such a shame that this situation should cause a divide between these two.

I’m all for a man supporting his wife; had I done so, I would still be married, lol. In this case, Mehgan is wrong. She knew what she was getting into when she said “yes” and forcing Harry to leave the royal family is not right.

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The newspapers are reporting Harry and Meghan told Elton John of their plans before they told the Queen. You can’t write this stuff. Meghan will be booked on the featured shows in the US, and the first questions will be, ‘Why are you so unhappy that you wanted to leave the royal family’? They will not be satisfied with some vague response, they want juicy details and ‘dirt’. Meghan will need the publicity to go forward with her agenda. Harry will find himself pandering to the media/press when he has detested them and held them in contempt for decades. He should realize that the media will be paying the bills for them through their coverage of the couple.

Some of you might think I am petty when I bring this up, but Meghan has already been divorced.

TV series celebrity in America from a dysfunctional family is not raised to meet the challenges of roles like this. Add cultural differences; British and American cultural norms are vastly different even though we try to clump it together. I guess this is a great example of why mixed cultures rarely last forever; you can’t mix oil and water.

She had a choice at age 38 not to marry into a family. She did it for the fame and publicity, now whimpering out. Stepping out of royal duties won’t be enough for her. Soon they will be divorced. Harry is also be blamed. Of course, he is scarred by the death of his mother, but he should have thought carefully about the relationship he was getting into. In the end, is it with being estranged from his brother and the entire family? Is it fair to his son to be removed from his heritage?

If I remember correctly, there was a report a few years back that William had suggested that Harry not marry Meghan in haste. The Queen needs to take away their titles and forbid them to use “SussexRoyal” on their website.

If they want to be financially independent, then they can’t make money off the name of the Crown. I feel sorry for William and the family. They were a close family until the actress took hold of Harry. Meghan is the Royal version of Yoko Ono, and we all know what she did.

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Meghan won’t be back in the UK. She has no royal duties booked, and she has taken the two family dogs to Canada with her. In her true fashion, she has ‘left Harry to sort out the messy details,’ but she is going to be on a phone conference with them during negotiations. The excuse of ‘family time at Christmas’ when turning down the Queen’s invitation to Sandringham was a lie from the start, Meghan just needed time to get the scheme details in place. To her, ‘family’ means nothing.

It was important to have a royal baby as soon as possible to cement her position in the monarchy. If there was no heir for Harry, they were no negotiations. She could up sticks and leave on her own.


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