What the heck’s happening with Prince Harry?

He’s quickly becoming the prime example of what every man should strive never to be: a henpecked weak and lowly “man-servant” to a demanding and power-crazed shrew of a wife.

It’s ghastly to watch unfold. But perhaps we all need to see this so we can start making some much-needed changes.

This is what #MeToo and toxic feminism have done. It’s totally destroying the delicate balance that is supposed to exist between men and women. Women are trying to take over the dominant “male role” and it’s clearly not working.

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It’s very sad to watch this man gravel and be overpowered by his wife.

But sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening to good ol’ Harry.

Take this newly uncovered viral video of Harry speaking to a group of men, when all of a sudden his wife Meghan saunters up, pushes him to the “back of the bus” and then dominates the conversation.

Harry is left standing there in the background looking left out and weak. It’s a sad portrait of a man who has completely lost himself.

You can watch the video below:

“He looks like an abused man.”

“‘When Harry got Markled.'”

“His body language too. He used to be the coolest of them all. Now he’s a ball of soy. Sad.”

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