Here we go again. A liberal news source takes a poll, and it says what they want it to say.

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll claimed a majority of Americans opposed Pres. Trump’s “overall” approach to Iran when he sent drones into Iraq to hit back at Iranians that attacked our embassy. We also lost an American contractor, a fact that keeps getting tossed on the backburner by the U.S. media.

Before I go further, I don’t take stock in these polls because they are reported as a few people speak for the entire country when that’s not the case. Let’s say 500 people take part in a survey. The results are broadcasted to the nation that America thinks this way or that way, and it’s not true. This tactic always angers me because they sell tainted results to sway the country’s mood to whatever they want, and most times, it works.

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What they never tell you is that more conservatives either opt-out of surveys because they tend to keep their political thoughts to themselves – which is prudent considering how scorned and derided conservative thought is these days.

According to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, Americans are evenly divided over President Trump’s decision to kill Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani, but a plurality of the public opposes Trump’s overall approach to the Islamic Republic and believes his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama was more effective in dealing with Tehran.

Conducted from Jan. 8 to 10 — after Iranian ballistic missiles struck Iraqi bases in retaliation without causing American casualties and Trump declared that “Iran appears to be standing down” — the poll found that 42 percent of Americans opposed Trump’s approach to Iran (versus 36 percent who supported it).

Forty percent said Trump was wrong to withdraw from the Obama administration’s nuclear treaty with Tehran (versus 35 percent who said he was right), while 41 percent said Trump has been less effective on Iran than Obama (versus 34 percent who said the current president has been more effective). On all three questions, about a quarter of respondents said they were either not sure or neutral. [Yahoo News]

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Well, even as a Trump supporter, I have to agree. With all those planeloads of cash Obama sent Iran, Obama was FAR more useful in jump-starting their nuclear fuel refinement facilities and financing their terrorist agenda. Being “effective” isn’t always a good thing. Trump is effective in doing the right thing for a change.

YouGov is a liberal polling company based in the UK. The company’s methodology involves obtaining responses from an invited group of Internet users and then weighting these responses in line with demographic information. It draws these demographically-representative samples from a panel of over 8 million people worldwide. So there are 7.7 billion people in the world, but we are going to base everything on our 8 million guests, so we are using .001% of the population for our polls.

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A lot of people are not paying attention if this poll is to believed. President Trump is the first one since Reagan to stand up to Iran. It is beyond belief to think that people would rate Obama’s standoff approach, couple with money, which is better than the present policy of strength.

Anyone remember when the Iranians captured one of our naval ships and made the crew kneel an admit the “wrong” they did? If I remember right, John Kerry then thanked the Iranian government. That was effective. (If you have no backbone.)

Left-wingers live in their little bubble where they only talk to each other and have demonstrated their disdain for those who have a dissenting political view from theirs. Therefore, you can make up your mind to whom this poll question was directed. However, I find it extremely difficult to believe a plurality of Americans prefers Obama’s Neville Chamberlain-like appeasement to the worlds’ biggest sponsor of terror to Trump’s approach through strength.

I’ll take Trump’s method of dealing with Iran.


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