Meghan McCain’s days on “The View” are numbered.

It seems viewers want her off the show because of her attitude. They claim she is disrespectful and a loudmouth, which has prompted them to initiate a petition to have her removed from the show. This action has resulted in the number of supporters for having her remove hitting a total of more than 2,000 as of Wednesday morning.

I’m conservative and would sign that petition.

Here’s the deal. McCain is a rich, privileged woman who can say whatever she wants and doesn’t care because her father opened doors for her to walk through. Her bad attitude comes with her upbringing. The McCain “legacy” or whatever you want to call it has always been severely overrated and needs to fade away to a forgotten footnote in history.

I cannot stand the show nor the false token conservative Megan McCain, but the reality is anyone who is not liberal is going to get beaten up and replaced on that show. Why in the world anyone would want that nasty treatment is beyond me.

A petition to get Meghan McCain removed from “The View” that was started nearly two years ago has had a recent spike in signatures, hitting a total of more than 2,000 supporters as of Wednesday morning.

The petition’s author wants ABC to replace McCain with either Ana Navarro, a former aide to Jeb Bush and John McCain (Meghan McCain’s late father), or Jedidiah Bila, a former “Fox & Friends”weekend host who later became a co-host of “The View” until leaving the program in 2017.

Some of the petition’s supporters say McCain has been “disrespectful,” a “loud mouth” and “petulant” on the program.

McCain joined the morning talk show in 2017 and has had several on-air blowups with her more liberal co-hosts.

During an argument over impeachment last month, co-host Whoopi Goldberg told McCain to “stop talking.” [Fox News]

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Oh, that’s a shame. Megan McCain works so so so hard to prove to the fascist left that she’s loyal to them, and is just the “other side’s” ‘view.’

I see Megan often fumbling over her own words as she quickly interrupts herself three and four times to make sure that her fascist left overlords don’t accidentally think that that’s her real personal opinion. If a person makes themselves that pathetic to keep her spot on the show, then she should keep her place on that show, I think. I mean, if you’re going to sell out so pathetically, and you still don’t get to keep your spot and your paycheck, that’s just sad.

It’s like what did you sell out for? The right doesn’t accept you. The Libertarians don’t accept you. She’s not even earning any browny points with Jesus Christ by selling out her integrity. However, forgiveness is indeed offered by Christ to everyone who repents (repent means to denounce fully and turn away from) of their wicked, deceitful ways. Sometimes, I feel for the woman, I do. She strikes me as a total daddy’s girl.

Her father was a war hero, yet a total sellout piece of human garbage by the end. He taught his daughter how to be a sniveling sellout, and now she’s on The View, a fascist left show known for trying to destroy people that Democrat’s fine too inconvenient.

Because Megan’s a daddy’s girl and her father happens to be John McCain, she was condemned from the beginning. But then again, she embraces the negativity and turns on victimhood whenever it gets too much, but in reality, she doesn’t care as long as those checks are deposited.

You may ask why do I feel this way about Meghan. It’s because I’ve seen her attitude play out, and it’s just outright nasty. Nobody with that much arrogance should be praised or defended. Let them fall on the bed of nails they created and keep it moving.


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