The word “cover-up” must have tested well in focus groups with a bunch of cheese-eating bourgeois in the suburbs.

On Sunday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, tried to get ahead of her sending the impeachment articles to the U.S. Senate this week claiming if the U.S. Senate dismisses them, they are part of a Trump “coverup.”

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Pelosi decried Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s backing of the Thursday resolution.

The dismissal of the articles is not a cover-up but flushing of the waste the charges brought forth. There was no quid pro quo and the transcripts and no obstruction. What we did have in the House hearings was only one person on the call who corroborated in testimony there was no request for Ukraine to do ANYTHING regarding Sleepy Joe Biden or his crooked son.

The other sham witnesses just gave their opinions as they had no first, second, or third-hand knowledge of the events that took place. Even Shifty Schiff is not putting any weight now to the whistle-blower’s testimony as he also had no first-hand knowledge, only hearsay, and conjecture.

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A coverup of what, exactly? This whole thing has been a prosecution in search of a crime. The Dems make all kinds of noise and claim Trump has committed bribery, extortion, treason, and yet they don’t charge him with any of that. Instead, they put up two completely nonsensical charges that are not crimes, and won’t even allow them to go to trial. Every day this continues, it becomes obvious to more people that this is a joke. Dismissal is precisely what this comical circus deserves.

Pres. Trump must have been watching Pelosi because he responded with this tweet:


Stipulating the fact that Pelosi and her minion hate Pres. Trump, you have to agree (if you are honest with yourself) that this impeachment process is irrelevant bunk. The Democratic House leadership conducted their investigation unfairly (restricting all witnesses from the Republican side and even requiring prior approval of what they were allowed to ask).

The Democrat’s witnesses stated Trump was not guilty of the original impeachment charges, so new charges were invented to impeach him on, and not even criminal charges at that.

Also, having said all that, there is no chance of Trump being removed and no chance of the optics on this negativity impacting Trump’s 2020 run (which is the real calculation the Dems have gotten wrong here.

Fancy Nancy is caught between a rock-solid McConnell and the squad. She allowed the squad, Schiff, and Nadler to force an impeachment which does not meet the requirements that are spelled out in the Constitution. She is the one that will go down in the history books for being such a weak leader that she acquiesced to an extralegal impeachment.

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