The lazy Democrat-led House could have gone through the proper procedures to obtain all the evidence they wanted.

They could have gone through the court to see if the other witnesses they sought could be forced to testify. But Rep. Nancy Pelosi wanted to give her fanatics an Impeachment Pie for Christmas and didn’t want to do the work it took to present a legitimate case. Instead, she wanted somebody else to do the job, which is very liberal of her.

Johnathan Turley is a constitutional law professor who was called in by the Dem house to give his opinion as to the legality of the impeachment according to the constitution.

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Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley laid out a sweeping indictment of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., arguing that her impeachment strategy backfired and gave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the upper hand.

The delay now seems largely driven by a desire to preserve the image of Pelosi as a master strategist despite a blunder of the first order,” Turley wrote in a column titled, “Pelosi’s Blunder: How the House Destroyed its Own Case for Impeachment.”

His comments came as Pelosi prepared to transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate, roughly a month after the House approved them. She initially withheld them in an apparent attempt to draw concessions from McConnell. On Wednesday she announced the seven lawmakers who will serve as impeachment managers to prosecute the case against the president at his Senate trial.

There was no reason why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would make concessions to get an impeachment that he loathed,” Turley wrote.

Turley similarly suggested that Pelosi pushed impeachment out of “vanity” and would pay a “high price” for doing so. [Fox News]

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It is pathetic, at Narcissistic Nancy’s age, to have her long career defined by the filth of this spiteful, self-serving political farce. Voters in November need to pay more attention and select politicians who care more for their country and their voters than their vindictiveness and personal power.

Turley is right: vanity at least partly drives Pelosi. It’s hard to look at the stuttering lie-blurter and imagine she would hold the entire nation hostage to her vanity, but I think that is what she has done. Unless you believe that she believes Trump is a Russian spy and that 2016 was illegitimate. She – truly – needs to go to prison after this. Committed yes, eventually, but arrest first.

If time travel is ever invented, I hope the person that tests it goes back to 1776, boots the doors in at the Pennsylvania State House, and yells, “Don’t sign that yet!” then show them headlines for the past ten years in the US. so they can see the manipulation and then add-in. “Democrats! this isn’t up for discussion.”

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Let the word “impeachment” be stricken from every book and tablet of every repository and library. Stricken from every pylon and obelisk in America and the World, from every document that contains the name “TRUMP” proceeding it.

Let the name of TRUMP be heard, and memorized by every Dumb-rate man/woman, now and for all time. Let the sound of the name TRUMP be the fear that resonates in the hearts of all domestic and foreign enemies of the United States.

Let the name TRUMP be the sound of courage in the hearts of every ally of United States foreign and domestic.  Let it be written; let it be done.

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