They have been trying to impeach this President since the day he took office. When will they give this up and get to work for this country and its’ citizens?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi sure seems happy when she discusses the solemn impeachment of our US President. I thought the delay might be due to the democrats needing time to compose themselves after such a tearful solemn event.

Pelosi finally admitted on live TV that they impeached to tarnish Trump’s presidency. There has never been a group as disingenuous, dishonest, and manipulative as the current group of Democratic leaders. These people are scary! Troubling.

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She thought she could appease the far left “squad members” such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Instead, she agreed to the impeachment to placate to loonies, and AOC tells her to pound salt because she’s not going to contribute the DNC election committee.

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Pelosi is furious because of Pres. Trump would not kneel to her shenanigans.

Now she has started part two of Diane Feinstein’s destroy Republicans mission as they did with Honorable Kavanaugh, Judge of the U.S. Supreme Court. Nancy should be impeached for going to the U.K. and threatening them by telling them that if they implemented a hard stop border in Ireland, there would be no trade deal with the United States in violation of the Trade Act of 1974. She is allowed to agree or disagree, but she cannot filibuster or amend the agreement.

What happened to the separation of Church and State? Someone needs to tell this power-hungry, demented, and out of touch with reality woman, that she is not the President of our Country. Pres. Trump should have investigated the Biden’s corruption as soon as he saw the video and Ukraine elected their new President. The Bidens are not above the law and Pres. Trump was doing his job, unlike Congress, who has done nothing but interfere with our duly elected, seated President. A lot of Americans are sick of this.

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This is an illegal impeachment. Congress does not have the power to impeach at this time since no crimes exist. The United States Constitution only grants Congress the power to impeach if crimes exist, and none do. If congress was able to pass impeachment in the house, get 67 votes in the senate and get the Supreme Court to sign off on impeachment without crimes that are were the 2nd Amendment kicks in.

It would be the duty of the patriots to take up arms, overthrow the government and reinstate the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. It would wrap up when we have military tribunals and hang the traitors. That means you, Nancy.

In her little speech at the end of the impeachment hearings, she brought out a poster of the flag, which also had the first line of the pledge of allegiance on it. She repeatedly claimed how she and her party was only doing the “prayerful” and “somber” constitutional duty. She is giving the Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels a run for his money.

She runs a party that has the protection of abortion (baby killing) at the center of its agenda. This woman lies and twists reality. They ran the hearings in two committees of the House by throwing out tradition and changing the rules to disallow Republicans’ participation.

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Now she goes against the constitutional requirement of sending the articles to the Senate and has the gall to call someone else a “rogue leader.”

When you think Pelosi can’t get any more out of touch with reality and insult the average American’s intelligence, she goes and does it again.

Someone incapable of putting complete sentences together that make sense, riddled with dementia, and loose dentures should not be presiding over the United States House of Representatives. She is an embarrassment to the country and she weakens the nation by demeaning our duly elected President.


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