The obstruction of Congress is not a crime. Obama did it with Fast and Furious and got away with it. Don’t believe me? Ask former Attorney General Eric Holder who is still in contempt of Congress for not appearing to answer questions.

The investigation was started by a whistleblower that nobody can say even existed and a house committee that based their investigation on Adam Schiff’s parody instead of the actual official transcript and backed up the impeachment allegations with witnesses that didn’t witness anything.

Democrats aren’t looking for a trial, they are looking for a stage for political hatchet job to rig the 2020 election.

The Democrats say they want a trial that is fair to the “American People.” Obviously they haven’t read the Constitution nor do they understand it. The Constitution is only concerned about the fairness to the defendant (the accused), and that would be Donald J Trump.

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Now I am not stupid nor am I blind. With 90% of the media on the Dem’s side cherry-picking “news” bytes and bits to support their case and ignoring all counterarguments except the weakest ones in their “reporting,” Trump will lose in very large segments of the court of public opinion.

What the Senators in the “swing districts” have to decide is whether integrity to vote on the side of the Constitution is worth risking the loss of their seats. If those Senators are “evangelicals,” I hope they don’t forget to emulate Him and not cave in to what mass deception does to their constituencies.

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This impeachment charade really will end in an acquittal for Pres. Trump, make no mistake about it. The charges are ludicrous and history will actually shame the House Democrats for doing this. They will also very likely lose control of their House majority in November.

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The Dems are stopped their tracks with this statement… “Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution clearly and intentionally limits impeachment to instances of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The two articles of impeachment they submitted do not allege any conduct that fits within that constitutional definition, or even any crime whatsoever. “Abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” are vague allegations and a newly invented theory from the Democrats — not an allegation that is a violation of any actual law.”

Politicians have a track record of political partisan lines and sitting from my seat, and being part of both parties, I believe Democrats lead the charge. They not only abused their power but have divided this country further than the Obama administration. From the Russian Hoax to the Brett Kavanaugh scandal of lies to the impeachment joke! They make our government look as corrupt as extremist groups believe. That’s pathetic!

Rep. Nancy Pelosi along with her henchmen are being exposed for how incompetent (or senile) they really are.

The President has chosen a great legal team and the Democrats are out of their league. It will be entertaining to see Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs taken out and eaten by the big bad wolves.

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