This entire liberal socialist circus is beyond absurd.

Democrats have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars playing this charade out. They have spied on the President, illegally, since before he even took office, bought and paid for a phony dossier, which was proven. Then they set up the Mueller investigation, which consisted of Mueller and a bunch of Clinton attorneys, some of whom made large contributions to Hilary’s campaign, wasting two years and more taxpayer dollars.

When that didn’t turn out as they planned, they started going after every other aspect of his life, falling all over the Ukraine phone call, which they decided was enough for articles of impeachment. If that is the case then at least the last half dozen Presidents should have been impeached.

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Even the impeachment inquiry was handled in a sneaky underhanded manner. Just before starting the inquiry, they passed a new law changing the rules, making hearsay allowed to be used as evidence, then barred the GOP from the hearings.

When they were allowed in, and questioned witnesses, Schiff either wouldn’t allow them to answer or told them what to say. How can they accuse the President of obstruction when the inquiry was not being handled legally in the first place? And when they have done nothing but obstruct everything he has tried to do since taking office.

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What should happen is Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Senators Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and the rest of the liberal socialists, should be removed from office and tried for sedition and/or treason, against America and the American people.

Aside from deliberately attacking Pres. Trump even before he was elected they have taken salaries from the American people and has done NOTHING to keep America safe or to protect American citizens. If they do succeed and regain power, all they are offering is Socialism, which includes Medicare for all costing the taxpayers millions in the first year alone, income equality, which may be great, for those who don’t work, but will not be good for those who actually do work, more control over the US by the UN, such as a tax on American citizens, the ability to try American soldiers for what the UN determines to be war crimes, and allowing the UN to resettle people in our communities without our consent, basically turning the US into a third world country.

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All of this was Barack Obama’s agenda, which socialists, want to finish carrying out. Almost forgot open borders, inviting all of the worlds criminals and drug cartels into the US, with no oversight. That isn’t the kind of country I want for my children and grandchildren, but that’s what the liberal socialist want for us. I guess they don’t believe with all their money and power, the changes won’t affect them.

I guarantee you that after Pres. Trump is acquitted, and he will be, the Democrat-led House will file more articles of impeachment before the next election.

Regarding the Senate trial, the impeachment and removal clause was put in the Constitution giving Congress the opportunity to remove a President if his actions were so heinous and illegal that most Americans think he should be removed.

Even if Trump did everything they said, which I don’t think he did, those actions, in the average American’s eyes do not meet that especially high bar for removal. What Americans have and always will despise is our politicians making their decisions based on hate for one party or the other rather than on what’s right for the country.

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One would have thought that both parties. Democrat and Republican would have learned the lesson back in 1998-99, that it’s counterproductive to use a hopeless impeachment as a substitute for a censure which at least has some chance at bipartisan support.

This is the deal, Pelosi’s role in this farce will end when the Senate takes over. It’s unbelievable how she keeps demanding that the rules are fair for any trial that might possibly take place. Excuse me but was there anything whatsoever fair about the Kangaroo Court held in the House. Absolutely Not! Sober up Nancy and try getting down to the business of representing the American people with improving their lives and the infrastructure that’s crumbling! The whole democratic house is a joke.

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