Pope Francis has been called a lot of things…”Progressive Pope” and “Obama’s Pope” are the two most popular.

It’s no secret that Pope Francis is a globalist. He’s not hiding it – as a matter of fact, he’s proudly pushing it by constantly attacking President Trump’s efforts to secure our border and keep Americans safe.

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He also pushes climate change and many other globalist issues every chance he gets.

Pope Francis also seeks to welcome and legitimize other religions – going so far as to participate in a pagan ritual on Vatican grounds.

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Obama’s Pope seems more like a politician than a Pontiff and that has really angered a lot of good Catholic people.

In this day and age, it seems like everyone wants to politicize everything, including the Pope.

But what has most people concerned is his globalist agenda that is slowly but surely eroding traditional Christian values.

That’s why one Nun felt compelled to speak out.

She took to video where she called this Pope the “devil” and a globalist who is working to indoctrinate our children with
“open human relationships” and replace the traditional family & destroy the human race.

She believes this pope has a plan to eliminate the parents and replace them with this “one-humanity”  globalist agenda.

You can watch the video below:

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