It’s funny to me when these clueless, smug liberal media hacks are shocked to discover that Americans don’t like them.

These liberal “reporters” live in an insulated (mainly online) bubble where everything they say and do is perfect and righteous and validated by their fake news colleagues. Twitter is filled with activists masquerading as “journalists” and they all feed off of each other. When they get blasted with a slew of negative comments they usually chalk it up to “Russian bots” or “racists.”

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God forbid the actual American people might have something to say…

The egos on these dorks are gargantuan. 

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And that’s likely what NBC News reporter Ben Collins thought after he wrote a wildly wrong and offensive tweet calling American gun owners protesting Virginia’s gun grab, as “white nationalists.

Collins, an “activist” not a “reporter,” got so lambasted online that he had to actually delete the tweet.

The irony of what this fool did was not lost. He’s “begging” his colleagues not to put out unverified information, while he’s incorrectly calling a Second Amendment rally a “white nationalist” rally.

These people are so incredibly ignorant and lack any and all self-awareness.

Needless to say, MANY people had something to say about this wildly offensive and inaccurate tweet.

This is why Americans hate the mainstream media. These activist scumbags label anyone who disagrees with them a “racist” or a “Russian asset.”

These people are not professionals. They’re propaganda artists and should be treated and mocked as such, every single chance you get.

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