Slurring Speaker Pelosi is having some kind of a meltdown.

Yes, she often looks and sounds like an absolute wreck, but it’s even worse now. Something has snapped.

I think President Trump has finally broken her.

She’s gone from being a bit of a flustered scatterbrain to a full-blown nervous breakdown candidate.

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Perhaps it’s the impeachment debacle that has tipped her over the edge or maybe the impending 2020 election –  that by all accounts looks to be a disaster for the Dems who have nobody worthwhile to run against Trump. But something has caused this woman to go off her rocker.

As a matter of fact, it’s gotten so bad that she’s now revving the failed and embarrassing “Russa conspiracy.”

Yes, she’s clearly hit rock bottom.

Pelosi took to Twitter where she tweeted out a pathetic message once again insinuating (lying) that the Russians control our elections.

It’s the last dying and desperate move of a woman whose political career is about to keel over and die.

She wrote: “American elections should be decided by the American people, not by the Russian Government. Retweet if you agree!”

Needless to say, Pelosi was savaged online for dragging up this old horse and beating it a few more times.

“You got nothing … Trump landslide coming.”

“Then you should tell Hillary Clinton to stop getting them involved in our elections didn’t help her at all lol !!!”

“This is just embarrassing. Democrats are now using Nazi propaganda tactics against the American people. They all need to be voted out.”


“The fact that this started a positive twitter trend for Voter ID is the best self own of the day.”

“Y’all are really running with this”

“You have lost your mind”

“American elections were decided by the American people, and Corrupt Establishment Elites have gone insane because you can’t accept you lost. Retweet if you agree!”

“I agree big time Nancy, please pass a Voter ID law so we can be positive that only Americans vote in our elections”

“Is this what it’s come to, Nancy? Have you really just thrown in the towel after all these years?”

“Are you drunk tweeting again”

“4 vodkas deep.”

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