Let’s face it, there’s nobody currently running for the White House that can beat President Trump.

We know it and they know it, hence why they’re pushing this sham impeachment. What Democrats are doing is the biggest “election interference” in American history.

But Dems have a big problem. Not only do they not have anybody who can beat Trump, but they don’t have a clear “frontrunner” anymore either.

Joe Biden, the senile old creep who held the top spot for months has fallen from grace after his quid pro quo Ukraine scandal broke.

Now, there’s a no clear winner emerging, so that increases the likelihood of a brokered convention.

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What’s a brokered convention?

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In United States politics, a brokered convention (sometimes referred to as an open convention and closely related to a contested convention) can occur during a presidential election when a political party fails to choose a nominee on the first round of delegate voting at the party’s nominating convention.

And what that means is that anybody could walk into that convention and make a pitch to the delegates to win the nomination.

So, many Dems are hoping that if it comes to that, someone like Michelle Obama will walk in and grab the nomination and go on to beat President Trump.

That’s precisely what radio show host, author, political commentator, and film critic Michael Medved discussed on Glenn Beck’s show on Wednesday.

Michael predicts for the 2020 election outcome a brokered convention by the DNC will usher in former First Lady Michelle Obama to run against President Donald Trump.

You can watch the video below:

Michelle Obama has said time and again that she wouldn’t run for president. And what “qualifications” does she have besides being FLOTUS?


Of course she has name recognition and the left sees her as a beloved former first lady.

But would she put herself through absolute hell in order to try and “save” the Democrat Party? In my opinion, that’s very doubtful. Why would she risk losing everything, her Netflix and book deals to battle it out with Trump?

However, I do believe that the convention could very well end up brokered.

Maybe Hillary will walk in?

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