According to reports coming from England, Meghan Markle and her husband are settling in Canada and refusing to move to Hollywood to pursue Meghan’s career until President Trump is no longer president.

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As far as Trump Derangement Syndrome goes, this takes the cake. We knew that Meghan Markle was an unstable and narcissistic loony tunes, but it turns out we may have underestimated the degree to which she is far, far gone. It looks like this is Meghan Markle’s world, and her husband, whose name is escaping me at the moment, is just along for the ride.

Harry and Meghan may settle in the US eventually – but not while President Donald Trump is in charge.

Friends have told the Daily Mail that while the couple plan to live in Canada at first – although probably not on Vancouver Island – their ultimate aim is to have a home and business in Los Angeles.

However, staunch Democrat Meghan, who has openly been critical of Mr Trump and missed the President’s state visit to the UK last year, has said that she will not move to the US while he is in charge. 

‘It’s by no means an immediate thing but there is a long-term plan to end up back in the US with a second home in Canada, where they will also spent a great deal of time,’ the source said.

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‘The couple used the words North America in their statement about where they planned to live deliberately. It doesn’t pin them down to any one place.’

An aide stressed that negotiations over the couple’s future were only taking place with the UK and Canadian governments but said nothing could be ruled out.

In 2016, before she met Harry, Meghan called Mr Trump ‘divisive’ and ‘misogynistic’. She pledged to vote for his presidential rival Hillary Clinton and threatened to move to Canada if he won. [Daily Mail]

There have long been signs and omens for Prince Harry. Early on, rumors swirled about her sex life and her career in New York City. She was rumored to have worked as an escort and have slept with two Hollywood bosses in order to launch her acting career. The royal family has strongly denied these allegations.

In addition, the unfounded reports pushed by online trolls also suggested Markle, 36, bedded at least two powerful film producers.

“Prince Harry has been fiercely protective of Meghan and wants to take legal action to get these accusations off the web,” said a royal insider.

The false reports allege the former Suits star trawled for clients at the members-only club Soho House, and landed her TV roles by having sex with showbiz bosses.

Prince Harry, 33, is waiting until after the honeymoon to sue to avoid having his wife “stressed by having to look over legal letters,” sources said.

[Radar Online]

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Perhaps even more sickening, Meghan kept an anonymous blog detailing her sexual escapades as a young actress.

Before marrying Harry on May 19, Markle spent years trying to break into the big time.

During 2006 and 2007, she appeared on Deal or No Deal as a briefcase model, posing in a skimpy red dress.

After playing bit parts in several series and TV movies, she landed her breakout Suits role in 2011.

In February, she was revealed as the author of a racy secret diary that detailed the struggles of a Tinseltown wannabe.

Markle called herself “The Working Actress” and used a silhouette of a director’s chair as the logo for her anonymous blog, which she started in 2010.

It was packed with naughty language and saucy confessions, including Markle dishing about her “magical boobs” and “lots of sex!”

The blog, which was deleted in 2012, also described how Markle was “hustling” for stardom. [Radar Online]

Excuse while I run to the loo, as the Brits say, to go and evacuate my dinner. Prince Harry is in way over his head, and unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be aware of how bad it really is. Now, it appears that the spoiled brat Markle wishes to hide out in Canada until “Orange Man Bad” is no longer president, at which point she will gallivant on down to Hollywood to resume her film career. Perhaps Prince Harry will be left sulking at home, looking after Archie?

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