I would have hoped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have had the decency to speak to the Queen and the future King about their decision.

Turns out William’s, Harry’s older brother, concerns were right on point. Markle wanted to marry into royalty for the fame and fortune but never had intentions to follow protocol, sad for Harry and William.

The Duchess of Sussex flew back to Canada yesterday, leaving Prince Harry to deal with the fallout over their ‘abdication’ crisis.

The Daily Mail has learnt that Meghan returned to North America, where their eight-month-old son, Archie, had been left with his nanny. She may stay there for the foreseeable future.

Sources said she ‘hadn’t planned’ to remain in the UK for long, after arriving back in Britain on Monday at the end of the family’s seven-week hiatus from royal duties in Vancouver. She spent just three days in Britain.

The remarkable development – described by one royal insider as ‘simply astonishing’ – came as the Queen last night ordered her warring family to hammer out a solution that will allow her grandson and his wife to quit frontline royal duties.

On a day of behind-the-scenes drama, the monarch convened an extraordinary series of calls between herself, the Prince of Wales, Prince William and Harry. She told them to come up with a ‘workable solution’ to the crisis within days, and tasked aides with presenting a series of options to put to the unhappy couple. [Daily Mail]

I really believe Megan is self-centered, selfish, and is not a nice person and had no intention of respecting the life, the protocol, the status and obligations Harry was BORN into.

I feel she pressured Harry into making this decision. I hope it works out well for him. She may have one more child with Harry, but, I feel, she will not be with him for long. Just my opinion. I also think Harry’s mother, Diana, would have seen right through her and her agenda and maybe it would have resulted in him not making Megan his wife.

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The break in protocol in the way this came about is a bit of an embarrassment to the royal family. It was deliberate. These things should have been worked out together as a family, and the announcement should have come from the queen. To announce it behind her back, and catch the queen and royals by surprise seems disrespectful.

When you marry someone you have to make efforts to not ruin your spouse’s relationships with his/her family. Anyone’s life has some difficulties, any marriage has ups and downs and being difficult is not in anyone’s interest.

That said, Harry is far down the line of succession and will not be king. He and his wife have their whole lives ahead of them. They have the right to live where and how they wish, especially since they won’t be supported by the public. They should not be expected to live under the stress and misery they have been enduring.

I think the royal family will be relieved that they will not have to put up with Markle’s drama for much longer. Remember, she tried to upstage Eugenie at Eugenie’s wedding by announcing her pregnancy, and she made sure this announcement was made on Kate’s birthday. As I said, they are probably relieved not to have to deal with her.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do something like this — this was the wrong way. Doing things this way has probably done irreparable damage to family relationships.

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