Meghan Markel is the epitome of a selfish brat.

Here she is given a golden opportunity of a lifetime to live as a “dutchess” in England, without a care in the world and all of her needs and desires fulfilled with no questions asked.

But that’s not good enough for ambitious power-hungry Megahn. She wants to be an actress and live amongst Hollywood royalty, not old, dusty English royalty.

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Now, Meghan is saying that she had to leave the “toxic” royal life because it was a matter of “life or death.”

Looks like her inner diva-actress is coming out.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle reportedly felt that leaving the “toxic” royal life was a “matter of life or death.”

“Meghan felt she had to escape because living within the royal confines was soul crushing,” a close friend of Markle’s told The Daily Mail (U.K.) last week.

“Meghan’s friend explained that the 38-year-old feels she can ‘finally breathe’ since leaving and has free reign over her life again,” reported the outlet. “They also explained that Meghan felt that living within the royal family confines was ‘soul crushing’ and she didn’t want her son around such a ‘toxic environment’, deciding to leave in part for his benefit.”

“She told her inner circle of friends that her soul was being crushed and that the decision to leave was a matter of life or death – meaning the death of her spirit,” Markle’s friend said, adding that the duchess “felt like she couldn’t be the best mother to Archie if she wasn’t being her true, authentic self. Something she felt she couldn’t be in the royal family confines.”

Markle reportedly said she didn’t want baby Archie, now eight months old, “picking up on her stress and anxiety. She felt like it was a toxic environment for him because there was too much tension and pent-up frustrations.”

Earlier this month, Meghan and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, shocked the world with their announcement to step away from royal duties and work to become financially independent. [Daily Wire]

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I am almost positive when William & Kate got married they said the same thing and want a bit of privacy and time to grow as a couple and start their family before the went all-in on the royal duties. But they did it PRIVATELY. Meghan was the one who wants to “hit the ground running” when she got the “job” of being a royal. As far as I could tell, the immediate Royal family was very welcoming. Prince Charles walked her down the aisle!

A clear sign of a toxic and/or abusive relationship is when one person starts excluding family and friends from his/her life which leaves the other party free to control all aspects of the relationship. Never good.

It was predicted from the beginning that Markle would not have what it takes to be a respected support person for the Queen and Royal family. As we watch this unfolding expect Markle to cash in for herself rather than acting in a manner that is expected of royalty. She just didn’t have the right stuff to be in the royal family.

So, it sounds like this was 100% Meghan’s idea. She was stressed, she didn’t like the “royal life” and she dragged hapless Harry, the galloping Enuch prince along with her.


I get that Meghan wants to walk away, but Harry? That’s his family and his tradition…his country for crying out loud.

How long until Harry and Meghan are divorced? Trust me, opportunistic women like that will be on the prowl for someone better…especially in Hollywood.

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