Soccer player Megan Rapinoe is desperately trying to carve out a name for herself amongst the “woke” crowd as a no-holds-barred SJW.

So much so, that she appears ready and willing to defy Olympic rules about no anthem kneeling and no “political or religious” protest at all.

The Olympics “are not and must never be a platform to advance political or any other divisive ends,” IOC President Thomas Bach said.

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“Our political neutrality is undermined whenever organizations or individuals attempt to use the Olympic Games as a stage for their own agendas, as legitimate as they may be,” he went on to say.

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Rapinoe isn’t happy about the new rules – likely put in place so the Olympics don’t suffer the ratings collapse the NFL did – and she claims that she will not be “silenced.”

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe suggested on Instagram this week she may defy Olympic rules and kneel or otherwise protest at this summer’s games in Tokyo, despite a ban by the International Olympic Committee on using the games to make political statements.

Her reasoning: “We will not be silenced.”

It’s interesting how she says she’s being silenced. You certainly couldn’t tell, given the kind of reporting a simple statement on social media generated.


Among her other statements was the decision to not participate in the national anthem during Women’s World Cup games — a move which seemed oddly self-defeating given the fact she would spend the next 90 minutes on the pitch wearing the uniform of the national team.

She’d started kneeling for the anthem in in 2016 to support Colin Kaepernick, saying “it is because of my utmost respect for the flag and the promise it represents that I have chosen to demonstrate in this way.” [Western Journal]

As we all realize by now, these stunts are nothing more than PR moves designed to heighten and improve the athlete’s brand. And this is why Americans can’t stand watching it. These rich, spoiled, entitled and insufferable liberal athletes are so far removed from what average people are concerned about and nobody needs or wants a lecture from some angry, out-of-touch soccer player.

Just shut up and kick the ball, lady.

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