If you don’t know about Baltimore City’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, let me rewind her history in this city.

This is the same Mosby, (who is suppose to be a prosecutor), who tried to indict six Baltimore Officers to show her brothers and sisters she was the first black and then a prosecutor. She lost every case.

This is the same Mosby who had someone who was not even involved in the six to write the charging documents at her direction. The same Mosby, who now has the federal government and the governor of MD, going around her to prosecute criminals because she drops every charge.

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While I have no doubt she receives a plethora of hate mail and phone calls due entirely to being a female and of color, I would imagine a much larger number of her detractors are upset about the choices and actions she’s taken in her career, many of which would have gotten others fired, disbarred, or prosecuted. She can stand behind the claims that she’s fighting against racial injustice, and maybe she truly believes she is. Still, the choices she’s made that far speak much more to self-serving political goals, and likely sabotaging other people of color’s future endeavors due to her actions.

The anonymous voice started by chastising Mosby for traveling to St. Louis, Missouri, to support St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner for filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city and their police union for allegedly coordinating racist conspiracies meant to force her out of office.

Mixed with half-recited, profanity-laced proverbs and racially biased opinions, the caller ended the message with a shocking suggestion. “If we’d known you all were going to be this much f—–g trouble, we would have picked our own f—–g cotton,” the caller said.

Mosby also spoke out about receiving death threats since taking office in 2015, in particular, for indicting six police officers in connection to the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a catastrophic spinal injury while in custody.

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On Thursday, Mosby took to Twitter and shared the audio along with this post: “This is why #IStandWithKimGardner and this hateful rhetoric only strengthens my resolve to continue fighting for justice and working to undo the blight of mass incarceration and its impact on communities of color. #KeepersOfTheStatusQuo.”

Mosby: “These are the types of attacks we encounter every day as women of color in a position of authority, and I traveled to St. Louis because this is the unfortunate experience of black female prosecutors everywhere. It’s deeply disturbing that in 2020 we still have to experience such blatant racism, but this hateful rhetoric only strengthens my resolve to continue fighting for justice, and working to undo the blight of mass incarceration and its impact on communities of color.”

Mosby is as incompetent, as she’s infamous. As the Baltimore City States Attorney, Mosby is married to a prominent politician in Baltimore city. Her reputation includes arrogance, self-serving, pompous, elitist, career-minded, who will use her position to get what she wants, whenever she wants.

Let me say to Marilyn that she isn’t disliked because of her color or gender; people aren’t happy with your handling of governmental affairs.

Horrible policies that are destroying our greatest cities and when people fight back, these prosecutors claim racism! Identity politics needs to stop; if you are incompetent, your skin color and gender are irrelevant!

Sorry, but I’m not falling for this. It is all staged to garner sympathy in what has been revealed as a failed job while serving in office. Baltimore could do a lot better than her.


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