Michael Moore has embarrassed himself many times throughout the years…But this latest move here may take the cake.

As you probably know by now, liberals are pledging their loyalty and allegiance to Iran after President Trump slaughtered their number one terrorist leader.

Liberals are also convinced that killing this bloodthirsty terrorist will cause “World War 3.”

They’re so scared that Iran will invade us (with their 50-year-old airplanes) that they’re sending the State Sponsors of Terror love-tweets and messages begging for forgiveness and pleading for their lives.


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Yes, a country that will kill you if you’re gay or stone women for taking off their burkas is the new Democrat ally – seems fitting, right?

One of the most humiliating and cringe messages came from Michael Moore.

He sent the Ayatollah of Iran a “personal message” begging for forgiveness and pleading with them not to hurt us, by promising him that he and millions of Americans would fix this peacefully.

Apparently Moore addressed the message to the wrong Ayatollah. HA HA HA!

He also included music in his message, which is a direct insult to the Ayatollah. HA HA HA!

So, all in all it was a massive failure from start to finish.

Needless to say, Moore was shredded beyond belief for this absolutely foolish and embarrassing move.

“I’ll buy your plane ticket right now if you agree to go to Iran and deliver this cockamamie message in person.”

“The only people who actually listen to what you say are the order takers at the drive through.”

“Also, you address your message to Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. That guy died on the 3rd of June 1989. Your whole tweet and message is a mess from start to finish. The current Ayatollah is Khamenei and he has a Fatwa against Music—which you play for him at the start. What a fail…”

“You and @rosemcgowan should lead a Hollywood delegation to Iran to make a personal appeal. I promise that you will have the support of millions of Americans.”

“Let me translate in case you don’t speak liberal douche: “I‘m sorry we blew up your terrorist friend. I totally think I could fix this myself using magic (?) Let me plug my podcast since this traitorous act of delusional self-importance for sure will make the rounds on Twitter.””

“I have just sent the Ayatollah of Iran a personal appeal asking him not to respond to you. He assured me that due to his great respect for me as an American, a Jew and a supporter of “the Great Yankee Warlord” (his words) he would accede to my request. File closed.”

“I’m sure @MMFlint that the Ayatollah will shortly respond. If he ends up inviting you to visit him in Iran, please consider taking @Kaepernick7
and @rosemcgowan with you. Please wear a Star of David and carry a gay flag to ingratiate yourselves with the Ayatollah and his posse.”

“You were not elected into a position to personally appeal to any foreign power on behalf of Americans. Seek help for your delusions, Michael.”

“Is this a parody account? Because you can’t be serious. If you actually are, perhaps we should start a GoFundMe to finance a trip for you to go meet with the Ayatollah in person. Then stay there. #Traitor”

“I just sent the Emperor of Mars a personal appeal to stop kidnapping Earth women with their super atomic saucers. It had the same effect.”

“The music throughout your commentary will be seen as disrespectful, they won’t even continue to listen after the first note! You just spit In their faces before you even got started groveling!”

“Why don’t you road trip it to Tehran Mikey! Take John Kerry for his expert advice . Take Obummer with pockets full of cash. And we will stream the Iranian luau back here in the States. Happy Trails!”

“My God, man! Even if you don’t agree with killing him, this outpouring of remorse for a guy that’s killed so many is sickening. Just a cpl weeks ago he saw to the killing of 1500 Iranian protesters.”

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