If you ever wonder why Pelosi was unable to outsmart Mitch McConnell it’s because he’s thinking about 100 steps in front of her.

While Pelosi is marinating in vodka, McConnell is examining the Dems playbook and putting in “blockers” to keep them from inflicting damage.

For example, as of now McConnell has added a “kill switch” to the impeachment rules.

That means President Trump’s legal team can seek an immediate verdict or dismissal of the case if Democrats engage in any “funny stuff” like they did in the House impeachment process.

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The revelation comes after the House finally late last week formally sent the Articles of Impeachment it adopted before Christmas—after holding them for more than a month without transmission—to the U.S. Senate, thereby triggering the start of a Senate trial. The Senate will formally commence its trial procedures in votes this coming week, and while some Republicans want to outright dismiss the charges altogether from the outset, others believe a trial should take place.

In so finally transmitting the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also named impeachment case managers—the Democrats who will present and manage the House’s case to the Senate—last week. They include House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY). Both Schiff and Nadler were widely panned for the highly unfair process they ran in the House of Representatives, and many Senate Republicans do not trust them to refrain from playing games that seek to make the Senate trial unfair to the president as the highly partisan process in the House ended up.

Republicans on the House side, who were essentially powerless to stop the Democrats’ shenanigans since they are in the minority in the lower chamber, are warning Senate Republicans to be on the lookout for Schiff’s gamesmanship and that from his ilk.

“It’s incumbent upon the Senate to preserve the right of the President’s legal team to ask for a verdict or move to dismiss this sham impeachment anytime they see fit during the Senate trial,” a source close to House GOP leadership told Breitbart News. “Otherwise, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans risk allowing Adam Schiff and his conspiracy caucus to hijack and take control of the trial.” [Breitbart]

Look, we all watched what Dems did during the House impeachment and can remember back to the disastrous Kavanaugh hearing. They will do anything to try and regain power…there is no level these communists won’t stoop to so we have to be prepared for anything and everything.

Good job Mitch added this “kill switch.” If I know the Democrats, we’re probably gonna need it.

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