I said it right off the bat. Meghan Markle wants to get back into acting and pushed Prince Harry to do this and split from his family.

Markle is not stupid but she isn’t a clear thinker either. She knows she will never be given the status of Princess so she’s moving to Plan B. However, with that, she is making more enemies and bad press than she imagined. In the next couple of years, a book, movie, and divorce will follow, and with the signing of a Disney deal, she will get many opportunities to start acting again and command top billing for a few years until the public gets tired of her mess.

The Sussex titles are courtesy titles NOT hereditary ones, which means the Queen gave them as Meghan was not entitled by Royal Protocol to be called “Princess” neither were their children entitled to Her Royal Highness (HRH) status. The Queen can pull the titles if she wishes and Harry would retain his HRH status as he is the Prince of Wales son. If she has made commercial arrangments or contracts prior to there being an agreement this may be the cause of some of the problems.

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They still want to receive funds from Prince Charles but as working Royals, they are tax exempt if they lose that status any money they have including savings or funds left to Harry will become liable to taxes – including monies from his father. Being disrespectful to the Queen and Royal Family by their actions makes them much less marketable and I doubt the firm will allow them to commercialize the Sussex name. They should have waited to launch a website and used a UK designer not a blogger in Toronto. Public relations are crucial to the financial success they want but they are too narcissistic to realize that and cause their own bad press.

Meghan Markle is wasting no time embarking on her and Prince Harry’s independent career path amid their exit as senior members of the royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex already inked a deal with Disney before she and Prince Harry shocked the world with their “Megxit” announcement this week, according to a new report.

U.K.’s The Times claims the duchess recorded a voiceover for a Disney project before she and Prince Harry left for a six-week-long sabbatical ahead of the Christmas holiday.

The outlet claims Markle did the voiceover in return for a donation to Elephants Without Borders, a non-profit organization in Botswana that aims to protect the species from poaching. [Fox News]

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She can’t be happy that this leaked. She wanted to go back to acting and couldn’t unless she got out of the ‘Royal’ thing. Now everyone knows. They said they were going to live part-time in Toronto. I’m not from Canada but I do believe Toronto is their ‘film capital’ so to speak. How obvious of them.

The more I hear about this story, the more I feel that the Royal Family has been used by Markle to get a title and be associated with them. If Harry and Meghan want to do their own thing, let them.

Remove them from the financial side of the Royal family and let them live on their own. Wipe their names from the royal book and move forward. I’m sure many hangers-on in the US will let them ride on their private jets, etc. Democrats don’t believe in family structure anyway so a future divorce is in the works, I can see it.

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I don’t know if this is true or not but I was informed by a friend that Markle had the ring Prince Harry gave her altered after he had designed it himself. Also failing to attend the meeting with Queen Elizabeth and going to the theater instead was extremely tacky and forced the Queen to cancel the meeting.

She got what she wanted and divided the Royal family as well. It’s no wonder her family warned people about her. She creates destruction wherever she goes. Not married even two years yet and she’s totally isolated Harry from his family and set up their SussexRoyal “charity” (a la Obamas & Clintons) in preparation to make millions.

Harry won’t know what hit him when she no longer needs him. Bye!


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