Our media has not learned a darn thing after the Russia collusion debacle where they paraded one sensational lie after another across TV screens for nearly 3 years.

Because they’re doing it again…

Like sharks swimming in a sea of chum, the media is once again feverishly feeding on yet another flimsy and “sensational” story with no credibility whatsoever.

What’s the latest “bombshell?”

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It involves another unsavory liar known for telling whoppers, by the name of Lev Parnas.

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Lev is claiming (without a shred of evidence) that President Trump (and William Barr LOL) were aware of – and part of – a plot to shakedown Ukraine in order to get them to investigate Biden.

Please note that Mr. Parnas, who was helping Rudy Giuliani collect opposition research on Biden and Hunter, only flipped and told this outrageous story after the FBI arrested him on campaign finance violations and he was unable to secure a “plea deal.”

Now, he’s clearly trying to angle for a better deal with the FBI and a possible book deal in the future.

However, the media and Dems are parading him out there as if he’s the new “smoking gun.”

“This is it. We got him! Trump is done now!!” 

He’s not, and you need to ignore the mass media hype and look at the facts:

“An undated note from a guy indicted on multiple federal charges of fraud and conspiracy who’s already fabricated evidence in a desperate attempt to get an immunity deal from Schiff and Pelosi so he can avoid prison? That’s the new smoking gun? LOL”

“Lev Parnas’ attorney tried and failed to get an immunity-for-testimony deal from the House during its laughable impeachment “investigation,” so he’s trying the same stunt with the Senate now that its trial is set to begin.”

“Lev Parnas, like Michael Cohen, is facing many indictments and will say anything to save himself. But Democrats are hanging on to him to same way the held on to Cohen.”

” Lev Parnas is also the guy who said he was “with Devin Nunes in Vienna” which was/is demonstrably untrue. He obviously has an adverse relationship with the truth; but that’s why the Democrats love him.  It’s all silly.”

“Its the same bullshit over and over Bombshell bombshell bombshell and then it fizzles Maddow is the Alex Jones of the left and people are taking this seriously”

“Leftist TV hosts when you ask if Lev Parnas has any evidence to back up his allegations”

“Lev Parnas is the Jussie Smollett of Michael Avenattis”

“Have we learned nothing from Russiagate? Lev Parnas has: a history of fraud; claims w/ big holes; & a motive — indictment — to embellish for Dems’ help & a book deal (e.g. Michael Cohen). Oh, & his “bombshells” were delivered to the liberal Alex Jones. Don’t get your hopes up.”

“How much is Trump paying Lev Parnas to make the entire media look like an absolute clownshow?”


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